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Back to work meeting after absence

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Timpani Wed 03-Oct-18 17:48:06

I've been off with MH difficulties. Does anyone know what should happen at my RTW meeting? I don't want to go into details with my LM.

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UghFletcher Wed 03-Oct-18 17:49:19

They make sure you are fit to return to work and find out if any adjustments need to be made e.g phased return. Is HR completing this or your line manager?

Timpani Wed 03-Oct-18 19:32:13

My LM. But the LM shouldn't have actually seen my sicknote as only HR should see that. It's not that I mind LM knowing why I've been off, although I've been a bit vague, more that I do not want to discuss it because of past history/trust issues. If that makes sense!

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 03-Oct-18 19:38:45

Your manager will ask you how you have been, do you feel ready to come back to work, is there anything they can do to help you return, any support you need, any change in hours, they might discuss any outstanding holiday entitlement you have and do you have any particular concerns or worries about coming back. If you do feel you can discuss your m.h. issues it could help if you feel anxious in the future or feel unwell and need some time off.

ourkidmolly Wed 03-Oct-18 19:41:25

I think it's highly unlikely that your line manager isn't aware of your reasons for absence. Schools are v small communities and you need to be prepared for this.

Timpani Wed 03-Oct-18 20:02:08

@holeycomoley I'm a teacher so no holiday entitlement. Thanks for those questions, I will prepare myself to answer those.

@ourkidmolly I don't doubt that you're right. I don't have a positive history with this person , hence me being vague with my reasons. LM is very nicey nicey but gossipy behind your back. LM sent a text last week implying that my sicknote had been discussed in detail which has got my back up a bit.

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HoleyCoMoley Wed 03-Oct-18 20:19:29

You can take someone to the meeting with you if it makes you feel more confident, don't let your l.m. intimidate you, why are they texting you anyway when you're off sick. Do you have a union rep who could support you and make sure everything goes ok.

HoleyCoMoley Wed 03-Oct-18 20:38:56

ACAS have a website, you can read up there what a row interview involves, try not to worry and if she says it has been discussed in detail ask her when, who with and what has she been told.

ourkidmolly Wed 03-Oct-18 20:44:14

I'd phone your union for advice.

LatteLover12 Wed 03-Oct-18 20:46:47

Take your union rep in with you.

Timpani Wed 03-Oct-18 21:02:51

Thanks all. I think it'll be a bit heavy handed to go in with a union rep (although I know you're right). Text was supposedly supportive but I always sense a subtext, like it's to let me know what she knows/that I've been discussed.

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ourkidmolly Wed 03-Oct-18 21:59:35

Yes don't necessarily take them in. That's probably too short notice anyway but do phone and talk this through. Tell them the full details.

Timpani Thu 04-Oct-18 07:57:02

Thanks I will.

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