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Getting out of career rut - leave, change or stay?

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Tealslate Thu 27-Sep-18 20:11:18

Been at my school in various roles for approaching fifteen years. Definitely need a change as I went there on a temporary basis to boost our family income and ended up staying. However, recent changes in leadership and comments made since the new head and deputy took over mean I am questioning whether i have a future in education. Any v experienced long timers are being encouraged to look at 'the next step' they want to take.
For me that would be up into school leadership. The problem is my performance management reviews indicate varied success datawise and not achieving targets because school priorities changed and we were prevented from working on those targets. Likewise lesson observations varied in outcome and documentation depending on the way the wind was blowing with the previous SLT, who have now all 'moved' on. All the relevant job adverts which I am more than qualified to do state being outstanding with significant contributions to progress and school improvement i.e data. How on Earth do I prove I can do an SLT role without those things?

In case anyone is wondering why someone would stay in such a, transport and childcare restrictions, the need to work reduced hours due to family ill health. On the other hand -
I'm very skilled in putting up with a lot of crap for a long time, putting on a brave face and getting on with the job day in day out. I am moderately good at most things but not outstanding. I have enough skills in other areas that I could do something else and probably do it well, including leading teams of sometimes difficult people. It just seems a waste, like failing, to give up 20 years teaching.

So any thoughts on whether in my shoes you would stay on (possibly at cost to physical/mental well being), leave teaching completely or change school in a sideways or upwards move?

If you have already been through the same how did it turn out? Are you happy? What do you feel you have given up?


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