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New job and the fear

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extraketchup Tue 14-Aug-18 09:17:43

Anyone else starting at a new school next month? This will be my 7th year of teaching but I feel like an nqt. I've been planning and laminating etc and have four days of classroom time before insets start but I've got the fear.

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DumbledoresApprentice Tue 14-Aug-18 10:29:22

Good luck! Im sure it will be great. I’m just about to start my 10th year of teaching, a new role, but in the same school I’ve taught in since my NQT year. I’ve got the fear too though. I’ve spent far too much time this summer on school related-stuff.

MissMarplesKnitting Tue 14-Aug-18 10:30:40

Me too. I'm over a decade in, first new school in years after having the kids. I'm bricking it. Also laminating etc here too. Will be spending the last week of the holidays in school....

Mondkind Tue 14-Aug-18 12:58:16

Do you all have access rights? I would have thought that until the start of your contract you can't access the site for insurance etc. reasons. I won't see my classroom until 3rd September, had one Induction day at the new school and been given policies etc., but no access to the system for planning, no complete topic rotations and certainly no site keys until I officially start. This is the norm in my area (I have changed schools fairly frequently; this is my 6th school in 12 years).

I still get the nerves; I have come from a rather frying pan - fire situation and am wondering whether this is the one I'll be happy to stay in. Worst thing is the workload when you change schools as pretty much every school now has to offer an Induction programme, which most deliver as twilight sessions over a term or even a whole year!

Meeting new people is fun, though - as is being able to reinvent your teaching persona. I've always been a McGonagall with various amounts of success in different schools and I now want to try and be a Dumbledore in my new one, where there is a big emphasis on relationships with the kids.

PumpkinPie2016 Tue 14-Aug-18 16:30:47

Not this time but I changed schools 2 years ago after 5 years at my first place. I still remember the fear! I think the laminator was smoking from over use! I remember the first half term or so being so hard - getting used to different ways of doing things but it was fine after that!

I took in in promotion at the start I last year, although same school. Spent the first half term in a panic and convinced I would be 'found out'! Again, it was fine after that.

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll be great!

SagelyNodding Wed 15-Aug-18 11:05:41

I'm starting at a new role in a new school after 5 years at the last (and only other) one. In France. It's a bit like a PGCE year, teaching 50%, uni 50%. It will feel very strange as I have been teaching for a while, and the idea of studying doesn't exactly fill me with joy!
The logistics are complicated too, as uni is over an hour away, and I have one child starting secondary school... Nobody is allowed to be ill!
I'm bricking it to be honest, but hoping the sacrificed made in the coming year will lead to a stable and fulfilling new career!

UnstoppableMoron Wed 15-Aug-18 12:41:08

I'm the same. Currently on my laptop procrastinating (and laminating). This is my 4th year teaching but because I have done part-time roles and supply, I am still an NQT. Finally going full-time at a new school and I am terrified! Glad I am not alone.

thefishwhocouldwish Thu 16-Aug-18 16:48:01

It's always scary. I have worked in six schools over the last 18 years and changed jobs only last September. Now, as DH got an unexpected job offer overseas, I find myself ten days away from another new start, still English curriculum but also moving to a new country. I've been so busy emptying the house that I've had little time to think about the new job. I fly tomorrow morning!

castasp Thu 16-Aug-18 21:28:09

I started at a new school at Easter, but I didn't have a full-timetable and I found it hard even then. Come September, I will have a very full timetable and I am dreading it!

To top things off, the school went into special measures last term and I am even more dreading the increased work loads from that. I'm not dreading the job per se, it's the workloads and a massive fear of not being able to fit the work in.

The kids were little shits with me last term as well because they just thought I was a supply teacher and the school generally is in a mess. I think by the end of the term, all except 2 classes had come round, but it was a hard slog. So on a positive note, I am really hoping that they finally realise I am here to stay when I go back.

The staff are all lovely and supportive as well, so at least I'm not dreading the possibility of bullying management (which I've had to put up with before).

SagelyNodding Fri 17-Aug-18 09:56:41

I suppose I am lucky that I'm moving with my old headteacher, so I know how she manages schools and we get on reasonably well. But I have had no contact with anyone from my department as schools here were already closed when I got my posting (French system-we don't apply to schools directly, we get sent...) So I haven't really prepared anything yet as I don't know what textbooks( if any) we will use, or if I have to comply to a progression for each of my year groups... It's stressful and I hate being disorganised!

Shadowboy Fri 17-Aug-18 22:02:34

Me! It’s a jump up in position too and I’m feeling like a fraud right now despite having been a teacher for 12 years!
I’ve luckily had access to plan for my new role so been going in twice a week all summer to prepare!

LockedOutOfMN Fri 17-Aug-18 22:34:25

I've got the fear and I'm going back to the school I've been at for 6 years already!

Good luck to everyone starting new jobs.

Olivo Tue 21-Aug-18 18:38:46

I am over 2 decades in and moving schools after more than 15 years. I have the fear but am also really excited. I have been in and put up displays, still need to unpack all my stuff but mostly need to knuckle down to new lesson plans and an extra subject. Yikes!

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