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Employed for one role but given another?

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MrsChristianEriksen Sun 01-Jul-18 20:42:31

I applied for a TA role which I loved doing but am being told I must now work as a 1:1 for SEN children.

I don’t really enjoy doing this, I don’t want to work with SEN children nor do I feel I have the skills that the children deserve in a 1:1.

My heart just isn’t in it and I miss the variety of working with the whole class and doing the general TA stuff.

Can schools change your role like this or is it dependant on individual employment contracts?

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monkeysox Sun 01-Jul-18 20:56:05

Ta always work with sen students.
Contract will say "or other duties commensurate to pay grade"

icklekid Sun 01-Jul-18 20:57:54

Yeah working 1:1 with sen children is part of a ta role. Very few schools with have funding for ta's without supporting funded children

MrsChristianEriksen Sun 01-Jul-18 21:01:18

I mean I’m not a TA at all anymore.

Someone else is doing that job and I’m a full time 1:1 with one child now which I wouldn’t have applied for had that been the job advert in the first place.

I wouldn’t mind if I was still a TA but supporting children in class alongside TA duties but they’ve actually changed my job title to LSA.

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rillette Sun 01-Jul-18 22:07:37

Unfortunately, most schools are moving away from class-based TA's due to budget cuts and deploying TAs as 1:1 SEN support. In my old school everyone was a 'TA' whether we were class-based or 1:1.

M0reGinPlease Sun 01-Jul-18 22:18:52

I'm fairy sure your job title can't be changed without a consultation period? If they're effectively changing the terms of your role there is a process to follow.

MrsChristianEriksen Mon 02-Jul-18 07:06:42

Hmmm @rilette.
That’s what I’m worried about, that the current few TAs we have will be kept as they are as they’ll kick up too much of a fuss if made to be 1:1 and I’ll never get to go back to being a TA again.
I want to ask but also don’t want to be seen as a troublemaker.
I already have a reputation at work for speaking up and don’t want to piss anyone off when budget and job cuts are plentiful.

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Saucery Mon 02-Jul-18 07:15:38

It’s fine to ask. You should be having appraisals where you have the opportunity to say where you would like to see your role develop.
It’s shortsighted of the school to give you a 1:1 role you don’t want because you feel you have neither skills nor interest to do it properly. Unfortunately, if you are on a fixed term contract as a yearly thing, they can deploy you how they like, pretty much. The other TAs might be on old style permanent contracts and can afford to dig their heels in.
1:1 can be interesting and rewarding, but if you’re sure it’s not for you (and it can vary enormously depending on the needs of the child) then now is the time to see what else is out there in other schools -to take what skills you have and see if there is a better fit elsewhere.

MrsChristianEriksen Mon 02-Jul-18 07:28:09

Thanks saucery
We were meant to have appraisals at Christmas time but they never happened and now here we are at the end of term nearly and we’re just told what we’re doing in September and have to like it.

You’re probably right about the other TAs, they are mostly older and have been there years and are in Unions.

The SENCO leader never asks if we’re happy or how we’re coping. I think it’s a case of ‘if I don’t ask, I can pretend they all love their jobs’

If it’s happening in other schools to other staff then it’s obviously ok for this to happen and there’s nothing I can do.

Jobs in schools are very much in demand round here and I know I’m lucky to have one so I’ll give it another year and then ask if I ever have any hope of returning to a TA role.

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Saucery Mon 02-Jul-18 07:43:25

It’s less about union membership than original contracts. As an aside, it’s advisable to join a union if you are a 1:1.
You never know, you might like it, or bits of it. The job is as individual as the child. There might also be some general TA duties involved too, depending on needs. 1:1 doesn’t always mean sitting right by that child all day every day.
It can be tough this time of year with all the reorganisation. Look at your contract carefully. For instance, if it involves Personal Care you can’t be expected to undertake that for any other child as a matter of course. If there’s any lifting/specialist equipment/ outside agency such as SALT or OT then it is quite within your rights to expect the school to train you accordingly.

funmummy48 Mon 02-Jul-18 07:56:23

I'm a TA and have always worked 1:1 with SEN children. There hasn't been a different job description for it in either of the schools I've worked in. We have staff from outside agencies who come in a couple of times a year to offer support and advice & I've always found reading the reports from the Ed Psych really helpful too. There's a lot of helpful information on the internet too.

MrsChristianEriksen Mon 02-Jul-18 10:03:10

Sorry should have explained better but I’ve been working as a 1:1 this past school year already so I was really surprised to be assigned the role again as everyone at work knows I’m not happy and I’m more suited to TA.
I’ve also spoken with SLT but yet I’m still being told I’m doing it again in September with no option for anything else.

I’m involved with SALT and OT meetings already so I know about that stuff.
Thanks for all your advice.
I’ll have to ask to look at my contract.

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redexpat Mon 02-Jul-18 10:12:12

I was really surprised to be assigned the role again as everyone at work knows I’m not happy and I’m more suited to TA. Everyone knows? But you say you didnt have your appraisal at xmas. On what youve written its entirely pissible that everyone around you knows this but that it hasnt been conmunicated upwards. I think the onus is on you to say something rather for them to check youre happy. My boss has a policy of if you dont tell her anything then she trusts alls well. Its not her pretending we all love our jobs. Its a hands off management style. So make an appointment with your lm to discuss it.

Groovee Mon 02-Jul-18 10:14:52

What does your contract say? I'm an EYP who is now doing a 1 to 1 because I was covering it for a while and was appointed post interview. Mine says that I may be asked to under take different duties under this roll.

MrsChristianEriksen Mon 02-Jul-18 11:07:12

redexpat SLT are aware as I asked for a meeting with them about it and have been told that ‘even though it’s not what you wanted you’re a 1:1 again next year’

If that’s fine for them to do then that’s ok, I was just unsure whether they can change my job description like this or not.

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Saucery Mon 02-Jul-18 16:45:46

Ah sorry, I thought the ‘now I am a 1:1’ referred to Sept, not this year. Apologies for treating you as if you were new to it all.
You’re obviously just too good at the 1:1ing if they want to keep you on as that!
If you are on a fixed term contract year to year then they can give you a new one with LSA designation. They aren’t changing your contract as such, just offering you new hours at the the school which you are free to decline but then won’t have a job and they would just advertise it externally.
You’d probably find that TAs on permanent contracts wouldn’t be replaced at all if they left, or the hours greatly reduced. School are a bit stuck with them and if they refuse to work as a 1:1 there’s not a lot SMT can do (especially if they cite health reasons for not doing so).

funmummy48 Mon 02-Jul-18 21:38:42

I misunderstood your original post too. I don't think they're doing anything wrong but that you're obviously doing a good job so they think you're the best fit for the child in question. I think the only thing you can do is keep letting the Head know how unhappy you are or look for another job. None of the TAx who've left my school in the last 3 years, have been replaced so there is less and less scope for choice of position within the school.😕

redexpat Tue 03-Jul-18 09:21:56

In the nicest possible way having someone who is competant and can be trusted do the job is a primary concern. Whether that person is happy and fulfilled in the role is not.

Cadencia Tue 03-Jul-18 09:29:20

OP, would you consider training to become an HLTA (if your school is prepared to support you to do so)? I agree with above posters - in my DC's school it's becoming less common to have a general class TA. But if you qualify as an HLTA you may be more likely to get one of these roles, as they'll want to use your skills.

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