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Spanish GCSE speaking exam woes

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DonutWorryBeHappy Wed 09-May-18 19:26:12

So I was asked to conduct some speaking exams for students in a language I'm not great at to save money I presume. It's the first time I've conducted the new spec (AQA) anyway. I've listened back to the recordings and realised already that:

A) I forgot to ask them to ask me a question at the end of the general convo = one less mark;
B) In one test I repeated the question twice.
C) their general convo lasted for just 5 minutes which is the minimum for the higher paper.

They covered a range of topics in the general convo and I asked them about 15/16 questions which they answered spontaneously and quite fast.

Have I ruined it for them? I swatted up on the conduct of the exam and tried my best, but this still happened.

Has anyone else done anything like this??


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rillette Wed 09-May-18 20:00:16

Not got much advice for you personally (trainee!), but try joining the MFL Teacher's Lounge group on facebook. There have been tons of posts about the AQA speaking exams.

Eolian Wed 09-May-18 20:09:12

MFL teacher here. A) is a bit of a shame but at least it's only one mark. Their teacher should have drilled into them that they had to ask a question B) Unless it specifically says, that may not be a problem. C) As long as it was 5 mins and you covered what needed to be covered, that should be ok.

Speaking exams are a nightmare and always have been.

DonutWorryBeHappy Wed 09-May-18 20:17:37

Thanks both, you've made me feel a bit better and I've joined that group.

It's all a learning curve and for the language I actually teach, I'll be a pro by this time next year!!

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egginacup Fri 11-May-18 22:15:32

MFL teacher here too- the new spec was a bit of a nightmare for everyone, and I forgot to remind 2 of mine to ask a question... ended up writing “do you have a question for me?” on a post it and sticking it on the recorder so I had to see it before pressing stop! Just so many other things to think about... lots of similar stories on MFL groups on Facebook so don’t worry. I think repeating a question is fine, and as long as the questions were within the specific themes then that will be fine too. So glad mine are over!

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