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Anyone tried Barvember??

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KeepSmiling83 Wed 08-Nov-17 17:43:44


Anyone else found these challenging? Im a Y6 maths teacher and have had a look at them over the past couple of days and have to say I’m struggling to find solutions using the bar model. Anyone else or is it just me? I got an A* at GCSE (although it was many moons ago!) and have a Business Degree so thought I was well equipped but my goodness they are confusing. There are lots of different answers so obviously I’m not the only one but it’s really making me feel like a rubbish teacher confused

Coconut0il Thu 09-Nov-17 21:38:27

I've looked at them, I watched the clip on you tube for the answer to the sheep one. I like them for myself but we haven't used it enough in school for the children to be able to do it at this level yet.

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