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Lots of SEN pupils more work?

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Boggedygig Mon 04-Sep-17 02:44:30

I'm not a teacher but I was hoping to pick your brains please!

If a class has a lot of pupils considered to have SEN (e.g. 15 out of 29), does that increase the workload for the teacher because of differentiation etc? Would the teacher still have time for pupils without SEN or would they be left to their own devices a lot to just get on with things?

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childmaintenanceserviceinquiry Mon 04-Sep-17 03:04:40

So why are you asking? Parent of a pupil without SEN? If so, please remember that SENs arent catching, parents of children with SEN are usually on their knees with exhaustion and stress, and what can you do to help? Campaign against cuts in education funding.

SkylarFalls Mon 04-Sep-17 03:10:22

Differentiation has to happen anyway.

other children would only be "left to their own devices" if additional behaviour support was needed but not in place, however not all sen kids need 1:1ing and don't behave "badly" so in terms of teaching / learning alone, no, it doesn't disadvantage the other kids.

Boggedygig Mon 04-Sep-17 03:59:11

I'm well aware SENs aren't catching. I have gone through education with SEN of my very own as have several members of my family. Does that give me a pass card or permission to ask about SEN without a lecture? hmm

Thank you for your answer, skylar. That's helped me understand what teachers have to do and how the classroom works a lot better.

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