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Steinbeck Sun 21-May-17 15:23:02

I'm currently applying for a school position and there is a box to tick if referees may be approached prior to interview

Is this standard? I don't particularly want my current school to know I am job hunting!

My question is, how does it look if I tick the 'NO' box. Perfectly ok or not?


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Littlefish Sun 21-May-17 15:24:34

It's absolutely standard. I also consider it to be good professional manners to let your current school know that you are looking at other schools.

PurpleDaisies Sun 21-May-17 15:28:37

Yes, that's the way it works in teaching. They'll offer you the job on the day if you're the best candidate and you'll have to accept or decline basically straight away.

leccybill Sun 21-May-17 15:32:58

You'll have to tell them anyway when you need the day off for an interview/observation.

PotteringAlong Sun 21-May-17 15:34:59

Yes. In teaching it's normally good professional practice to tell them you're looking first.

Emphasise Sun 21-May-17 15:35:06

Yes, Keeping Children Safe in Education requires that references are held before interview.

Emphasise Sun 21-May-17 15:36:21

P.s if you have a box to tick you have an out of date form! It's been removed from ours, candidates are just told referees will be approached ahead of interview.

Steinbeck Sun 21-May-17 15:37:30

Ok, many thanks for the responses, much appreciated

I now know which box I need to tick!

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