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Wanting a HOD role.

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Shadowboy Fri 07-Apr-17 11:35:35

I am really keen to take on a Hod role. I've been teaching 10 years, have also got 10 years experience of examining including team leadership in a specific exam board. My big problem is my current boss of 7 years is quite controlling and doesn't let the department staff do much management- I've had to really fight for being given the control of a year groups planning and organising of field trips- so I haven't as much experience as I'd like of duties a HOD would have. How can I get some? How important would this experience be in trying to get a HOD job?

My results are (not a stealth boast) excellent including SPOC/ALPS/ALIS

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Trifleorbust Sat 08-Apr-17 11:16:56

HOD here, only recently in the fold, though. I was previously 2nd in department and KA4 co-ordinator. I would consider someone for a HOD job myself if they had proved themselves in one or both of those positions (core subject).

GHGN Sat 08-Apr-17 13:03:36

It depends on your subject. If it is big enough to have a 2ic or KS coordinator role then that might be your next step.
If your subject is not big enough to have those roles, you might want to start things like running a trip, organising a club etc or doing some cdp that are cross-curricular. Anything to make your CV stronger and more unique would be good. You might need to move in order to get a HoD post.

Shadowboy Sat 08-Apr-17 14:02:44

See it's a big department in terms of number but as it's a college their aren't really KSs to divvy out. We don't have the budget for a 2ic either.

I've run residential field trips and day trips. I've managed and created off the shelf teaching packages and SOW but trying to get the opportunity to do more is like extracting blood from a stone.

I've done lots of CPD too but I think my lack of access to budgeting etc will be a problem.

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