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EAL idea

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MsHoneyBee Fri 03-Feb-17 21:37:16

Hi all.
I've had a little idea and wanted to run it by some colleagues.
So I have a new (since September) to English child in my class. Came in without a word of English, but she is very bright and has generally picked up quite quickly. She seems to understand most of what I'm saying, though as you might expect gets grammar and tense mixed up when she speaks.
She's plateaued a bit this term and I think it's to do with confidence. Although she is a nice girl and the other children are very welcoming, she gets very nervous when attempting to talk to other children so will often just sit out.

Yesterday though, I asked her how to count down from 10 in her language (as part of tidy up time) and she lit up. She then got a small group of the other children and taught them, made little flashcards with them during free time. She really bonded with them.

So my idea is to have her run a little 'class' during our independent time, she and other children suggested it... So not really my idea lol, but I would help her to plan a very quick lesson, maybe look up a song for her to do or whatever.

I think it would really help her beak down the barriers with the other children, give her some ownership and at the same time might increase her vocab (I.e. if she shows them a flashcard with a picture of a dog, writes the Polish word on one side and English on the other with help)

It wouldn't take away any other learning time as it would be 10 minutes during free time twice a week.
Does it sound like an OK idea or a waste of time? It's year 3.

MsHoneyBee Fri 03-Feb-17 21:37:37

Omg, this is so long, my apologies. :D

viques Sat 04-Feb-17 23:06:09

Can I suggest you check out the language of the month resources produced by Newbury Park school in ilford, lots of ideas for promoting languages in a positive way.

MsHoneyBee Sun 05-Feb-17 09:53:17

Thanks viques, that looks really interesting smile

Lizzylou Sun 05-Feb-17 09:58:34

It's an excellent idea, we do a similar after school class for EAL pupils to teach teachers at our Secondary school.

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