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Teaching English in Northern Ireland

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Starsinthedark Sun 18-Sep-16 18:13:11


I'm interested in possibly moving to N Ireland, whether on a temporary or permanent basis remains to be seen, but the job situation doesn't look positive sad

Any advice would be grand, as they seem to say in those parts.

Thanks smile

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KittyOShea Tue 20-Sep-16 17:16:23

Hi Stars.

I am a teacher in N Ireland, History though I have 1 English class. It's not as crazy here as it is in England as many of the latest changes in the English system have not reached us (yet) but still a difficult job.

The problem is getting a job. There are a lot of applicants for every post and particularly in subjects in the humanities. Many teachers are still looking for a permanent position 5 years after qualifying and are dependent on supply work.

The system here is two tier in two different ways.

Half of our schools are considered 'state schools' and are predominantly Protestant intake. A few more are integrated and mixed religiously. All these jobs are advertised in the Belfast Telegraph on a Friday. The other half are Catholic Schools (though still state) and advertised on the Catholic Council for Maintained Schools (CCMS) website.

Both sectors are further split into Grammar and Secondary schools (sometimes referred to as High Schools) as the 11+ is still alive and well in N Ireland. This leads to a lot of inequality in education here with N Ireland having both the best and the worst outcomes in the UK.

Feel free to ask any questions about anything in particular you want to know.

Irishhooley Tue 20-Sep-16 20:04:22

Hi there, teaching posts in controlled schools are advertised on the Education Authority website, no longer in the newspapers

Likewise, CCMS advertise teaching posts on their website (Catholic maintained schools)

Integrated and voluntary grammar schools manage their own recruitment, so will advertise in the newspapers and job centres.

To work as a substitute teacher you also need to register with them, they manage a central database which all grant aided schools must use to book a substitute teacher.

You would also need to be registered with the GTcNI to teach in a grant aided school here, whether permanent or temporary.

Hope this is helpful

Irishhooley Tue 20-Sep-16 20:05:26

To clarify - to work as a substitution need to register with the Education Authority

LastGirlOnTheLeft Tue 20-Sep-16 20:17:25

You might struggle to get a job in a school environment, but there are plenty of organizations seeking Literacy teachers for unemployed/disadvantaged/vulnerable people if you are interested in doing that?

KittyOShea Tue 20-Sep-16 20:23:54

Ah irishhooley things have changed since I was last looking 17 years in the same job I'm getting old

Good to know the changes if I ever fancy a change grin

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