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What are your essentials for setting up a new classroom

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Anaffaquine123 Wed 10-Aug-16 22:54:41

I got a new job yesterday. I don't know which year group I'm getting yet or even which classroom I'm getting.
I am freaking out as I like to take a few days usually to get the room organised but I know nothing, not names, not topics, nada.
Our term starts on Monday. I have 2 under 5 that now won't be in nursery until Monday either. I had hoped to get lots done today whilst they weren't with me but it hadn't been decided where I was going so I put up backing paper in both areas and left.
I now have to be realistic about how much I can prepare before the kids arrive on Tuesday.
It is a while since I've been full time and not a job share to share the load.
I left most of my display stuff in my old school as it was passed its best anyway.
What would you say I should definitely get ready before Tuesday. I've bought extra ink for my printer and the laminator is ready to go!
I thought tray, peg labels
Jobs board
Lettering for numeracy, literacy and mindfulness displays
Multiple copies of class lists
Folders named for their filing
What else should I sort?
Thanks in advance!

228agreenend Wed 10-Aug-16 23:03:31

Are they infants or juniors? Difficult to know what to suggest when you don't know the age group. Five year olds have different reqrequests to 11 year olds.

(How can you prepare to teach if you have no info about who,you are going to teach?)

Anaffaquine123 Wed 10-Aug-16 23:31:38

I know it is either primary 3, 4 or 5. Other than that I've no idea. confused

sallyhasleftthebuilding Sat 13-Aug-16 01:01:37

Have you sorted new books -
Have a library
Activities for the new day - something about themselves or what they want to learn
Class rules - kids do these
What jobs?
Any children with SEN? That need extra support
Any TA?
Book to read or games to play
Music - if allowed
Box for drinks and snacks
ICT labelled and sorted/working
Cup for coffee.
Class rules for you - no shouting out - taking turns - etc - rewards system

CheckpointCharlie2 Tue 23-Aug-16 22:33:55

Working wall? Visual timetable? School rules or a class charter that you agree together and all sign in the first week?
Good luck!

GinandJag Wed 24-Aug-16 09:22:50

I am starting at a new school. I will have my own room, and I won't really do any setting up before hand. At the moment, the walls have commercial posters, and I will replace these with children's work gradually over the first few weeks (in time for open day).

As for a working system, I like to have a tray for each class for their planning and marking. If it turns out I need to provide coloured pencils, scissors etc, I will put together an area for these.

I'm lucky to get a small office area next to my room, so I will put all my admin stuff in there.

hussherbye Wed 24-Aug-16 17:34:33

Don't bother with jobs lists, do 'helping hands' instead. Ideally each child does a handprint but you could just print a template, write names on, punch a hole at top, put onto two rings (so two groups) flip over each day to get two different helpers who do all the jobs for that day! Kids love it

hussherbye Wed 24-Aug-16 17:35:40

Like this

hussherbye Wed 24-Aug-16 17:36:08

Like this

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