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Can work put me on maternity leave?

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Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 07:01:33

Just a bit of background.
I'm an NQT, just been signed off last week, and 34 weeks pregnant.

I've not had the easiest of pregnancies, and have had to take quite a bit of time of for illness, consultant appointments etc. However I do make an effort to have as many appointments in my own time, which the school is aware of.

Since my 31 week midwife appointment I've been going to the hospital every other day to be monitored for possible pre eclampsia. Again my school was informed, I would go straight after work, and I'll be in the next day, despite not leaving until 11pm most times.

Yesterday I was diagnosed with pre eclampsia and have had to stay in hospital for 24 hour observation. This means I will miss school today and tomorrow at least.

Even though I fully intend to be back ASAP (even if it means limited duties) can my school put me on maternity leave without informing me?


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OneArt Thu 14-Jul-16 07:06:50

Your maternity leave will automatically start if you are off work for a pregnancy related reason in the four weeks before the week the baby is due. So you're OK by a week or so. When is your due date?

DrownedGirl Thu 14-Jul-16 07:07:13

Not until 36 weeks.

Tiredemma Thu 14-Jul-16 07:07:21

Yes- from 36 weeks though

Gooseysgirl Thu 14-Jul-16 07:08:45

As far as I'm aware, mat leave can't be invoked due to maternity related sick leave until you are 36 weeks. Ring your HR dept or contact your local union rep. I think there's may leave guidance on the NUT website, have a look there. It sounds like you've had a tough time, wishing you well for the rest of the pregnancyflowers

Houseconfusion Thu 14-Jul-16 07:17:25

Do you have two threads running on this with different titles?

They can put you on mat leave for pregnancy related illness after 34 weeks I think

icklekid Thu 14-Jul-16 07:31:57

As others have said not until 36 weeks- you will need sickness note if not there though...

Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 07:47:31

If it's not until 36 weeks that's fab as that will be after end of term.

house yes I also put this in AIBU for traffic as sometimes it's a bit slow in here, and being sat with nothing but this to worry about is starting to panic me!

Thank you so much for your advice.

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OneArt Thu 14-Jul-16 08:40:56

It's not 36 weeks on the dot though - it's the during four weeks before the week you are due, which isn't quite the same thing. When is your due date and when is the last day of term?

ForTheLoveOfSocks Thu 14-Jul-16 08:49:14

The rules for SMP is if you are off work with a pregnancy related absence in the four weeks before your due date, then the day after the first day you will automatically start you mat pay and leave.

Here is the link to the site which explains is. You'll need to click on pregnancy related absence

Belager Thu 14-Jul-16 08:59:39

My due date is 23/8, last day of term is 22/7, so I think I JUST make the cut!

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icklekid Thu 14-Jul-16 09:02:25

If you are signed off on the last day not sure if mat leave will automatically kick in at 36 weeks or if you can start when baby is born...?

DullUserName Thu 14-Jul-16 22:48:49

Sod the niceties of Mat Leave ... Pre Eclampsia is not something to be taken lightly. Go on Mat Leave, look after yourself and get your BP down as much as you can. You could deteriorate rapidly. Last week of term and one more week of pay isn't worth the risk. Looking after yourself must come first.

[Had PE twice and was heading downhill fast when they delivered DC1 at 31 weeks]

Wishing you a healthy outcome

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