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Good questions to ask at the end of an interview when you already know the school

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Tillyscoutsmum Mon 16-May-16 20:18:36

I have an interview tomorrow at a school where I did my long placement (School Direct) last year. I'm just running through some answers to likely interview questions but I'm a bit stuck about what I could ask at the end of the interview. I would usually have a couple of questions prepared but everything I can think of, I already know the answer to because I know the school quite well.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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samlovesdilys Mon 16-May-16 21:11:39

How about asking about cpd support moving forward?? Or pick an event from the news (pp awards, yr6 sats, new as vs a level etc) and ask how it will impact the school in the future...

noblegiraffe Mon 16-May-16 22:36:47

Possibly not right for the end of the interview but I'd definitely ask if I would get A-level teaching in my first year and whether I would have my own classroom.
What kind of induction do they have for new starters and when is the timetable available? Hopefully they'd say you'd be given a pack of materials in the summer, a tour of the photocopier etc on your first day. If they just go 'um' and sound chaotic, then that's not good!

CheckpointCharlie2 Mon 16-May-16 22:40:51

Could you ask their opinion of becoming an academy if they aren't already?
Maybe about promotion prospects? You could be really brave and ask how they make sure staff have a good work life balance?!

Wolfiefan Mon 16-May-16 22:43:58

Ask if you would have an opportunity to be a tutor, run an extracurricular club?
You are basically offering to do more than the basic job!

elephantoverthehill Mon 16-May-16 22:45:58

How does the school see the usefulness of data collection grin? I think the question about CPD might be more appropriate or school / home communication or expectations about differentiation.

Tillyscoutsmum Tue 17-May-16 06:51:38

Thanks all smile

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elephantoverthehill Tue 17-May-16 22:31:49

How did go Op? Did we pass the test questions? I hope congratulations are in order.

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 18-May-16 18:14:17

Hi. I've been offered (and accepted) the job 😃 I asked about CPD and academy in the end. Thanks for all the help. I'm so relieved it's all sorted 😃😃

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elephantoverthehill Wed 18-May-16 18:21:35

Congratulations wine

Wolfiefan Wed 18-May-16 18:22:19

Well done you.

samlovesdilys Wed 18-May-16 18:28:52

Well done!!

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