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Telling my school I've got an interview

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marl Thu 28-Apr-16 20:21:56

I know this is the norm..but I have been offered a tickbox saying 'don't take references until after interview' box on a job I'm being interviewed for. I am not keen to tell my school where I am going as a. It not a teaching post and b. I have applied for an internal promotion post in my current school which is being interviewed for at a later date so them knowing I am applying outside of teaching would jeopardise that. Any suggestions? Do I just say that I've got an interview but when they ask 'What for?' say 'I'd rather not say until afterwards if that's Ok', or is that rude?! Presumably just asking for a personal day/p&p without explanation would be unacceptable if they are then asked for references that afternoon! Any thoughts?

CheckpointCharlie2 Thu 28-Apr-16 20:26:14

Tricky, I would probably be honest as things often have a way of coming out and the paranoia would not be worth it for me! What's the other job? <nosey>

GinandJag Fri 29-Apr-16 19:08:21

You can't lie, is pull a sickie.

marl Sat 30-Apr-16 18:01:59

Ok, yes true things have a way of coming out, small world and all that. (Job is publishing related.) I may still say I'd rather not give details of the job... Just that I have an interview.

Couchpotato3 Sat 30-Apr-16 18:04:24

You are bound to get found out if you pull a sickie or lie. Agree that you should just say you have an interview and leave it at that. If you don't get the job, there's no harm done.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sun 01-May-16 18:33:27

Don't you have to use your current head as a referee though? Even if it's not teaching, most jobs want a reference from your most recent employer.

If you have the interview and are offered the post, you can't go for the internal promotion anyway.

Scarydinosaurs Sun 01-May-16 18:36:25

Try the 'personal day' and if they demand more, then say. If you are non-teaching and ask for a non-paid day...they might be flexible?

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