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Where are all the teachers going?

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Topofthemorning3 Thu 17-Mar-16 10:02:11

Hi - have namechanged for this as info might be identifying.

My DH has been a teacher for 15 years. He's a great teacher (and that's not just my biased opinion). Currently teaches special needs - the kids absolutely love his lessons. DH specialism is the Arts, v creative.

So, fly in the ointment is that he's always felt as if he has just 'fallen in' to teaching - and it was never what he was meant to do in life. Recently, this feeling has grown to the point that it's making him quite depressed and he wants out.

The news tells us that many teachers are leaving the profession - so I wondered - what sort of jobs are they going to? Can anyone tell me?

thesmallestpotato Thu 17-Mar-16 11:08:20

I'm wondering this too - similar situation but humanities

MsFiremanSam Thu 17-Mar-16 17:53:45

I started a thread on this yesterday but no replies yet!

Cataline Thu 17-Mar-16 17:58:08

I know some who have left to work in hospital schools, on supply or as tutors.
I also know a couple who have set up their own businesses or bought franchises- things such as soft play centres, pre-school classes or similar.
I also know a few who have moved or are planning on moving to civil service jobs- IT, statistics, tax as examples.

minklydzo Thu 17-Mar-16 18:15:41

I know of 2 who are still in the education environment. One has gone into university lecturing for a teaching course. The other has become a school data manager

1944dadhelp Thu 17-Mar-16 19:33:12

Back to the industry I used to work in! Qualified late on in life and it was just far too crazy a life to sustain

Fyaral Thu 17-Mar-16 21:29:07

Im going into the civil service smile

PansOnFire Fri 18-Mar-16 16:34:20

I'm leaving the profession, I just feel so jaded with it all and after 15 years I don't recognise my job anymore.

I'm leaving to manage an office.

G1raffe Fri 18-Mar-16 16:36:52

I think so many leave and do "mum jobs" or minimum wage work sad

Stillunexpected Fri 18-Mar-16 17:09:02

Some teachers who have time out seem to come back as TAs in order to avoid the madness that seems to be teaching nowadays.

thatsn0tmyname Fri 18-Mar-16 17:14:03

I know of 4 ex teachers. One became a driving instructor, one is now a TA (would rather take a pay cut than have all the homework), one works in an office and one is looking to set up a wrap around childcare scheme.

CleopatrasDaughter Fri 18-Mar-16 17:18:19

I know lots of ex-teachers. Quite a few still work in education but in different roles - one is a private tutor, one manages additional learning support in a college and another is a safeguarding officer in a college, one retrained in careers guidance and works in a university, another is an office manager in a primary school.

Also know a few who have career-changed completely, involving doing masters degrees etc - off the top of my head, i think one works in HR now and another in hospitality.

Mrskeats Fri 18-Mar-16 17:26:36

I'm a private tutor, work in a language school in the summer and moderate coursework for an exam board and do some writing and editing
My own boss and I earn twice as much for s quarter of the stress
This country going to be in big trouble in a few years

insan1tyscartching Fri 18-Mar-16 17:36:59

The lady on the checkout in Iceland today was a teacher she told the person in front of me.She said she left because she'd had enough and she was happier on the checkout for now.

JolieColombe Fri 18-Mar-16 17:37:43

I know two who have gone to teach in international schools in Europe. They still love teaching, but couldn't stand doing it in England anymore.

Finola1step Fri 18-Mar-16 17:40:51

I'm a private tutor, exam marker and very occasional invigilator. I was able to make the jump because as a family, my salary wasn't so important that I had to risk my mental health. That was the crux of it for me.

Fink Fri 18-Mar-16 17:43:53

I'm a Church Youth Worker. Fellow ex-teacher friends are computer programmer, TEFL teacher, school support staff, unspecified office worker ...

ZombieHunter Fri 18-Mar-16 17:52:13

I'm going to China! Have accepted a job there last week to work as a teacher in my field at an international school. Can't wait to escape the horrendous system here.

ThornyBird Fri 18-Mar-16 17:55:19

There are 2 of us who are ex teachers on my accountancy course.

balia Sat 19-Mar-16 12:16:30

This thread has helped me keep a bit calmer today - DH has said he simply can't go on, and wants to leave teaching. He has mentioned becoming a driving instructor. It's going to have a massive financial impact on us but he's on AD's and still not coping. I'm terrified.

KinkyDorito Sat 19-Mar-16 12:45:41

I know how he feels. There are so many of us atm.

I can't leave but it is making me very ill.

I would suggest checking out the NHS for opportunities. When DD was ill, there were people paid to work on the ward as activities/events co-ordinators, on top of play workers and the tutors employed by the hospital and home teaching service. It seemed like a great job, brilliant for creative people. On the teenage cancer unit, they spent all day devising craft projects for the patients and working on them. It would suit an arts specialist. There's no way it would pay what teaching pays, but it could be supplemented by tutoring.

derxa Sat 19-Mar-16 12:47:42


G1raffe Sat 19-Mar-16 12:51:36

I'd like that kinky. I suspect there's huge competition for that kind of job and not a lot of them available... But I'd like it...

Readysteadyknit Sat 19-Mar-16 12:52:53

I do part time supply & tutoring and am training to offer specialist teaching support.

Someone was telling me about a local Deputy Head who had resigned and was now training to be a tube driver. Almost all the teachers I know in my age group (50s) have gone part time or left teaching if they have any choice.

Finola1step Sat 19-Mar-16 18:15:01

balia your dh may well have hit upon a genius idea. If he enjoys driving, can do the instructors training then he could market himself really well. I expect parents buying driving lessons for their 17 year old would be queuing up.

Another angle would be to promote his experiences in helping people overcome barriers to learning - aimed at the nervous driver, refresher driver (me!). Potentially a goldmine. People will always want and need driving lessons.

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