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Should I apply?

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Mendeleyev Mon 15-Jun-15 19:24:53

I currently work in what used to be my dream job on 0.8 FTE. I took on more responsibility this year and have ended up working a lot of extra hours this year for no extra money (setting up new course etc) and no management time. I am expecting to be grudgingly given management time next year, but I can't see things getting any better for the foreseeable future.
A job a bit closer to home has come up, which is full time, and a bit of a promotion and would be lots more money once the full time and additional TLR is taken into account. I'm a bit worried though that it could be out of the frying pan into the fire, in terms of work load and also discipline, as it would be the whole KS3,4,5 age range farther than just KS5. My children also attend the school which is another issue to consider.
Any advice? I love the students where I am now, but miss some aspects of the whole age range teaching. I don't really know if there is likely to be the possibility of full time hours where I am now, but even so there would be a pay gap. Are there any other full time secondary teachers out there with teenage children who would increase their hours?

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