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I want to challenge SLT on unethical assessment practices.

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ByEck Thu 30-Apr-15 20:30:45

I have been teaching secondary English in Wales. Prior to this I was in England.

Behaviour is dreadful at the school and it has a huge impact on progress. The English curriculum is dry and uninspiring - and we have to stick to it to the letter and within strict deadlines.

I have really struggling with a y9 class as a result of all this. I have been telling the subject leader and SLT all year that they're not making progress - in fact many of them haven't moved on since KS2. They just couldn't give a damn.

The school enters all y9 students for a level 2 qualification earlier in the year. I was required to make sure that they all got through and every piece of writing had to be perfect, to the letter. In many cases I had to mark 5+ drafts and ultimately point out every single mistake. The kids took no responsibility,earned nothing and the results are a farce.

It's no surprise then, that come the end of KS3 they're not at their target levels and I'm being directed to do new tasks with them / redraft until they're perfect / find one-to-one time and make them into L5s.

I have a new job lined up and I don't think I'm prepared to do this. I strongly feel that SLT need to tackle behaviour for learning and get students making real progress.

I have lots of concerns about the ethics of the place, including the fact that my line manager is the HT's daughter and my union rep is a member of SLT.

Do I just need to suck this up?

ByEck Thu 30-Apr-15 20:31:38

learned nothing

kesstrel Fri 01-May-15 07:59:40

This is so, so shocking, but I suspect widespread. My daughter's mixed ability teaching comp does the same for GCSE, and boasts about how their results are the highest in the region. They are in for a big shock when results start coming out that haven't been artificially boosted by teacher corrections of controlled assessments.

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