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Do I apply for this?

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wonderstuff Wed 04-Jun-14 20:49:29

There has been an SLT shake up at my school, there is an internal advert out stating that anyone on a TLR 1 can apply for a year long associate assistant deputy position. I'm SENCO and on .8 fate at the moment. Plausible rumours suggest a colleague has been identified as favourite and it's a done deal.
So.. I probably won't get it, I don't want to go PT, I'm not really sure how big the workload will be, I'm not sure I want the responsibility, I've only been in middle management 18 months
But.. I do think the SENCO role works better with SLT clout, I do think I'm as capable as others on the SLT team

Do I apply?

toomuchicecream Wed 04-Jun-14 22:13:58

Can't you go and have a chat to the Head/Deputy and see what guidance they give you? How would you feel if you didn't apply and then someone else got it?

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