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Considering trying to return to teaching after 4 years out!

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Snowcherriesfromfrance Tue 03-Jun-14 18:27:31

Hi all,

I have been out of teaching for 4 years since having ds, which is as long as I was in it before having him!

I've been volunteering at a school since October two days a week, one day in ks1 and one day in reception.

A position has come up in early years which ok considering applying for but I'm worried on two counts. Well more than two really:

1) I'm nervous. I'm worried it's moved on so much and I've forgotten how to do it. And it seems to have gotten harder since I left

2) if (when) I don't get it or don't even get an interview will it be awkward for me to carry on volunteering in the school?

3) on my application form it asks for current employment and states 'including voluntary' so should I put the school that the vacancy is at down? I've also been volunteering with a charity that supports children under 5 so have got them to put down too.

4) should I put my reference down as my last head? She has actually retired and the deputy has moved on.

Should I even apply at all?! I'm probably a bit useless. Plus the job description says early years experience essential and I've only got ks1 and 2. Otoh the school is very very difficult and they struggle to recruit. Maybe they will get stuck with me as no one else will want it?! It's similar in term of high sen, looked after children, behaviour problems etc to where I taught before and I really enjoyed it.

Any advice?

Chells Tue 03-Jun-14 18:37:19

Sounds like you've thought very carefully about this! Is it full
I've found that since having kids my priorities have shifted and school is no longer my life... Appalling, I know wink
Think very hard about the time ( early years is very time consuming) and your family life.
Yes, there is now LOADS more paperwork and TBH a lot more pressure on the teacher.
If the school management seem supportive, the role appeals and you're really missing working with kids.. Then go for it!!!
It is a bit like riding a bicycle, you will remember your strategies but don't be too hard on yourself.
Good luck!!!

phlebasconsidered Tue 03-Jun-14 18:45:48

I went back after 6 years out. I can still do the job, but I can't do the guff that comes with it. Before kids I didn't mind working all evening every evening, and weekends, I do now. And the workload has MASSIVELY increased.

However, I do understand you've got to scratch the itch. I would advise supply. I did that and loved it. I'm going back to it. And a life.

Snowcherriesfromfrance Tue 03-Jun-14 19:38:43

The thing is with supply is that I'd need childcare on an ad hoc basis and the before and after school club need you to book days in advance. So id maybe be paying for days I didn't need?
I wasn't sure I'd get any supply since over been out of it so long?

The job is 3 days a week. I know I'd probably work the other two as well but at least it would give me weekends and evenings.

Any advice re reference / application form?

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