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Gift for special teacher

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fortifiedwithtea Sat 13-Jul-13 02:01:28

I thought I would post here because I really want opinion from teachers. My DD2 SENCO is leaving at the end of term. Its an often over used expression but she has been inspirational.

So what do teachers really appreciate? I know she has 3 DC of her own at secondary. If I got a bodyshop type hamper what should I put in? Though her DD might use it instead. Or do you think a gift voucher for a hair do or facial or does that sound rude. She has very good appearance so its not like she needs it, but I'd like her to have 'me' time as she has a busy life.

What do you think I should do?

LuvMyBoyz Sun 14-Jul-13 23:55:34

She'll love whatever you get her. I think the hamper sounds like it will be both useful and a bit of luxury. But she'll love being thanked. SENCOs don't do the job just for the money.

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