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moving from primary to secondary teaching. Anyone know about this please

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nickstmoritz Thu 18-Apr-13 14:34:59

I have got a B.Ed (hons) Later years Primary but have taught KS1 and 2 and pre school and also had experience with older students in museum ed and teaching English to foreign students during hols when I was at uni. I have had a long career break but have done some tutoring and worked in a pre school as it was close to DS school. I would like to get back into a better paid teaching job now that DCs are older and was thinking about options. What are the chances of moving up to secondary age group do you think?
The job I was interested in is teaching English at a PRU.
Anyone ever moved into older age group and how hard would it be for me to get my head round GCSE English. (I did do English as a major on my B.Ed).

Just putting feelers out so be kind!

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