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Thinking of going back - to take the job or not?

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ToTeachOrNotToTeach Wed 06-Mar-13 20:48:24

I've got a good chance of a job in a private school about 30-40minutes away from here. I don't know whether to take it or not.

My son is just about to start reception in September and I kind of like the idea of "being there" for him. My little one would be nearly 2.

I've been out of teaching for 5 years. Abstractly I quite like the idea of going back to work, but practically my husband works long hours, often away, no family support so would have to have a CM to get my son to and from school...

The job is part time 6th form. I'd be the only teacher in my subject so I'd be my own boss but practically it means quite a lot of getting up to speed. I've also switched subjects so haven't taught this one (but recently gained a degree in it).

I'm a bit anxious that the practicalities of teaching and running a family with no support will run me down. I've had depression in the past. Abstractly I like the idea of the challenge and getting the brain fired up but its the practical side I worry about. THat and leaving my children etc, I also quite like the "idea" of being home for my children after school, making cookies, playing in the park etc.

I'm yet to clarify hours but I expect I'd need to leave an hour for traffic.

Any ideas - is it great once I'm back in the swing of it (and looking at the wohm/sahm threads on here - I'd have pension contributions, back in the swing of it, easier to get a job once youve got a job etc.)

Or mad to take it on without support? Most people i know locally work very closeby and or have family support.

Its great to almost have a job-on-a-plate and perhaps that in itself would be good...

VioletStar Wed 06-Mar-13 20:56:44

I would give my eye teeth to go back to part time. I am frazzled between full time work and running home. DH works away from home 3 days/2 nights a week. My DC are now in Y4 and Y5 and I so miss being able to go see their exhibitions, plays etc. Being part time would mean you could do that. I have no support in family terms but have had several fab childminders and a couple of reliable friends who support me when I need help.
Workwise also be careful not to always be working to catch up on your days off (they aren't paid). Naturally some times in the year that won't be poss.
The commute might be a good time for you. I used to love commuting without kids in tow, listening to Radio 4 or music and wailing (I don't call it singing) to my hearts content. I now work close by and so don't have that 'me' time.
Go for it I say - if you can make the hours work for you. Good luck.

ToTeachOrNotToTeach Wed 06-Mar-13 21:07:36

Thanks VioletStar for the encouragement smile How did it work when they were younger? I'd be making the leap from having my son home the whole time apart from pre-school to cm/school/cm and hten a brief chat before bed I guess.

I suspect that in the first year (or two?!) I would need to work on my "off" days to get up to scratch in my subject and sort out exam type stuff. Although I'd have between now and September to sort out some training I guess.

I do worry about missing the nativity plays and assemblies. I don't know yet how the hours are spread but as its 2 whole A level classes it could easily be over 4 days.

If the job was down the road, my husband didn't work away and/or I had a mum nearby to step in I'd leap at it! Just anxious about being anxious, and also giving up on the idea of a SAHM I guess. I know I do find teaching stressful and rewarding but in the past could just come home and crash or spend all weekend catching up whcih wouldn't be possible now with children.

GW297 Wed 06-Mar-13 21:50:21

As it's part time I'd say it's worth a go!

ToTeachOrNotToTeach Wed 06-Mar-13 22:11:32

Thanks. Yet to find out the hours as I think it will be spread over several days.

I don't want to "fail" at going back to work and it put me off teaching for ever/ make me unemployable/ let them down/let kids down!

GW297 Wed 06-Mar-13 22:40:20

Will you be able to take and pick your son up from school most of the week?

ToTeachOrNotToTeach Wed 06-Mar-13 23:18:45

I need to find out more but I doubt it as the A level classes are likely to be spread over several days.

I know lots of people teach full time. Just not too sure if I'm ready to go back. Child 2 is only 1 and I don't know if I'm up to it. Or that could just be doubt and fear of leaving children. Hmm.

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