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As and A2 soicology advice please.

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cuggles Tue 29-Jan-13 22:09:46

Have registered on it (link didnt work but presume it is the one I found? - smile. Thanks!

cuggles Tue 29-Jan-13 22:05:11

Blimey still using "Harry Lambos" as my sister with her sociology degree always thought it was!...I meant links to KS4 RE really ie..some of the crime stuff/wealth and poverty/politics etc but obviously on a different level. I also taught GCSE Humanities so research methods/family structure etc. I am put off by RE AS/A2 as it is too theological for me (odd I know!) as I am more sociology at heart. If I could have done it as a national curriculum subject and been a full on sociology teacher I would have. Excellent idea to observe lessons, I am sure I can get that sorted in due course. I will get some textbooks too and at least then I will feel I am working towards this goal! Will also join the link you gave me. Thanks so much for replying, I really appreciate it!

cherrypiesally Tue 29-Jan-13 20:57:26

Hi. Join a few of us on

Loads of lesson info, shared ideas and forums on there.

Experience is important and the spec has changed loads since you would have done it. There are some good Collins textbooks out there and the blue bible is still going strong. Can you get a school or old colleagues to give u access to observe lessons.

You may not find as many links to AS/2 RE as you think though.
Good luck. X

cuggles Tue 29-Jan-13 19:32:14

I am a teacher with 14 yrs experience having initially taught PE and more recently RE and English. My degree is Secondary QTS with English and Sport Science and then I did OU RE whilst teaching to feel I had the subject knowledge to transfer (although the school did not insist on this). I have been both a HOD and HOY. Anyway after a few years out to have my children, I will be looking to return to teaching in the next two yrs and in the area I now live schools are 11-18 whereas I have only taught 11-16. I would very much like to teach sociology at As and A2 as it links with the RE and skills wise with English and having studied it myself I loved it, however I only did it to A level. Whilst I know I am (hopefully am still anyway!) a good teacher with strong pedagogy skills (as this is anonymous I won't be shy!) I am worried I won't get appointed as I am expensive/lack subject knowledge but have two yrs to work on this...can anyone advise anything I can do to help apart from obviously reading! And can anyone tell me whether I would stand any chance of being appointed either in 11-18 (obviously I can and would like to teach RE/English at KS3 and 4 too) or a 6th form college to teach KS5? I could look at OU again but thanks to tuition fees it is very expensive way to buy a few text books an teach yourself! Sorry this is long but really would appreciate advice.

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