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iGCSE - are they any good?

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sashh Fri 14-Dec-12 05:20:07

Will the parents and SMT mind when their school plummets in the league tables? iGCSE don't count (unless that's changed recently)

Amerryscot Wed 12-Dec-12 20:19:33

My DDs are doing some iGCSEs. I am a teacher teaching 'standard' GCSEs (Science).

From what I have seen of both systems is that there is very little difference in content or difficulty. IGCSEs have always been traditionally a terminal exam, but now the GCSEs are the same way.

The key difference is in practical work/controlled assessment. The iGCSE science courses do not have a practical exam. Instead, there are lots of 'how science works' questions on the exam papers.

chicaguapa Tue 11-Dec-12 20:04:40

DH has been suggesting to his school that they consider switching to the iGCSEs before the EBacc comes in. He works at a very successful school with great results and the parents would love the move as they already think they're getting a private education for free and the independent schools in the area offer the iGCSE. His HOD thinks it's a great idea and has tasked him with finding out more about it. I offered to start a thread on MN for him, so has anyone experienced this or have any views please? He teaches science so they'd be looking at that subject initially. Thanks.

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