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Friendsupport Tue 17-Jul-18 16:33:28

Isn't her father just the most fame hungry person ever? I felt sorry for his at the start, hounded by the media (as I am sure her mom was) but his constant interviews now is just horrific.

How any father who claims to love his daughter can do this and think it's ok - he needs help.

She has maintained a dignified silence and has a smile on her face (but he sees through that and sees her pain hmm ).

I feel absolutely gutted for her - she is scrutinized enough but she has now lost her father aswell - I am not sure how she could ever trust him again after recent weeks.

The brother and sister were bad enough - now easy to see they didn't lick it off a stone......

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Wheelerdeeler Tue 17-Jul-18 20:20:18

Yes! He has really let his true self be shown

Ophelialovescats Wed 01-Aug-18 08:46:44

This going to continue to escalate unless Meaghan communicates with him .
Her family lack restraint .
She was wrong to think she could jettison her family like that. Even if she had married a non royal /celebrity, she needed to have handled it differently.
Low contact instead of no contact might have worked.

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