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Am I being a bitch?

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Mummy2lilC Mon 29-Aug-16 04:37:49

Hi I just wondering if I am being a cow or I have valid points? These are just some examples of me and partner falling out over our LB who is 10 weeks.

Tonight I changed our LO and put him in a vest. OH said leave him in nappy and I said no he kicks the blankets off and the temp drops in the night. Then when i fed him,OH wanted cuddles which obviously is fine. He laid LO in bed next to him both laying on their sides. OH began falling asleep. I just said please don't fall asleep like that, you could roll abit and suffocate him and he's meant to be on his back. Well all hell broke loose!! Apparently I'm selfish, think I know best, stupid etc just for saying this. Even though I said cuddles were great but don't fall asleep.

Another example was when LO was 2 weeks old he was throwing up all the time and not well. Apparently I was over reacting saying there is something wrong with him. Turns out he has a milk allergy and reflux.

I just feel like he tries to make me feel stupid and like a cow when in fact I think I have valid points and wouldn't want harm to come to my LB. there are more examples but this thread would go on forever! Am I being a cow? Would be good to see what other people think as I feel bad now!

MiscellaneousAssortment Mon 29-Aug-16 04:47:04

Why have you posted this in loads of different places?

Northernparent68 Sun 18-Sep-16 13:07:14

I do not think you re being a cow, however I wonder if your partner feels pushed out, it does sound like he can't do right for doing wrong.

You were clearly right about the reflux, but not "allowing" your partner to sleep next to his son was harsh, yes the baby should be on his back but you could have just turned the baby over and left them to it. Bare in mind plenty of parents co sleep, so why should not your partner?
Please consider talking to your partner and try to understand his point of view.

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