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Donut cat baskets

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Labobo Mon 23-Nov-20 21:13:23

DCat is getting a bit old and stiff. He has a basket but he sort of spills out over it and I think he'd be more comfortable in one of those furry donut things advertised all over FB. But they seem to range in price from £6.99 to £89.99

Does anyone have a recommendation? And what size is right for an average, solid but not huge elderly mog?

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MrsWonderland Mon 23-Nov-20 21:25:08

Our cat loves his. In fact I need to get him a new one. I got ours on Amazon - it wasn't pricey and think it was a medium.

merlotormalbec Mon 23-Nov-20 21:31:35

I got mine for the kitten from home bargains for £5! He loves it it's super comfy

ExpensivelyDecorated Mon 23-Nov-20 21:35:08

We got ours from The Range for about £5 each. It doesn't matter if they are a bit small as the cat sort of overflows onto the donut part. Our local pet shop has different sized ones for kittens and adult cats.

Fairybatman Mon 23-Nov-20 21:36:59

Our guys have these and they actually do both use them!

Toddlerteaplease Mon 23-Nov-20 22:07:09

Magic has a donut bed from Lazy days pet beds. The covers are removable. So it's really easy to clean.

VicMackey Mon 23-Nov-20 22:11:37

Mine loves his. Home bargains £6.00

Labobo Tue 24-Nov-20 11:30:42

Thank you so much. Some great ideas. I like the sound of one with washable covers.

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Toddlerteaplease Tue 24-Nov-20 12:28:06

She also has a teepee that she loves.

Madcats Tue 24-Nov-20 15:10:57

Madcats share a big 70cm donut (Mkiki on Amazon- £12 shipped from China), amongst plenty of other beds. The base isn't very thick BUT its in the bathroom on some underfloor heating (and we don't bother with the heating on in the rest of the house very often). I wonder whether a heated pad would be a good idea for your cat?

I also have a memory foam offcut wrapped in a pet blanket that seems pretty popular.

QueenPaws Tue 24-Nov-20 15:40:39

I have an eBay one. Cat ignored it for 4 months and now won't get out of it

QueenPaws Tue 24-Nov-20 15:42:16

This is the one I have in a small - fits up to 5kg
Over that and you could go medium

QueenPaws Tue 24-Nov-20 15:43:30

3.5kg cat in the small

Madcats Tue 24-Nov-20 19:48:16

Pan 5.2kg and Lyra 3.5kg in their 71cm bed (had hoped to catch them sleeping, but they weren't having any of it). Usually one or more of them has a head or leg resting on the edge.

MatildaonaWaltzer Tue 24-Nov-20 19:51:38

I spent a small fortune on one that Facebook advertising spammed
E with ads for. Neither cat ever went in it sad

Labobo Tue 24-Nov-20 20:47:22

@Madcats - I was thinking of getting him a heated pad to go underneath the donut too.

All these photos of cats in their donuts are so cute.

@MatildaonaWaltzer - thank you. I was almost persuaded by the FB ads but think I'll look at Home Bargains or Amazon instead.

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Madcats Wed 25-Nov-20 11:59:11

I've just remembered that Madcats were scared(!!!) of the bed when it first arrived. It was too bouncy for them (which is weird considering they bounce all over our human beds). I ended up sitting in it a couple of times before they decided it wasn't going to do them any harm.

PinkSparklyPussyCat Wed 25-Nov-20 20:38:56

Harry loves his. It's behind me when I'm working and he's snored through many a conference call!

RosemaryRosemary Wed 25-Nov-20 20:49:00

I found one for around £12 on Argos. I quite liked it but my fussy princess will not sleep in it and prefers to lounge on the sofa

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 25-Nov-20 21:40:54

Never use a purpose bought cat bed is my old boy's motto.
Use the dog bed, or persuade a human to set you up the princess and the pea.

Labobo Thu 26-Nov-20 10:31:29

@Lonecatwithkitten - I admire his regal take on the matter. Why convenience your servants? grin

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