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Cat operation bungled- what to do?

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Mxflamingnoravera Mon 24-Aug-20 16:16:12

My 15 year old cat went in for dental op Wednesday last week. He was in a lot of pain with inflammation on his left side gums and teeth and loose canines. The vet gave him an injection of painkiller at the examination on Tuesday.

I took him in the following morning for his op. At 6pm the vet called to say the op went well but they were very sorry, they had given him another dose of painkiller which meant he'd had an overdose over the 24 hour period. They said they'd keep him for four days to monitor him and keep him on fluids.

He Was taken to cat hospital because the vets don't keep animals in overnight. Due home Monday (today). On Friday I got a call from the vet who said the pet hosp had been in touch querying they surgery he'd had. They could see he had the canines out but the left inflamed side had not been extracted, scaled or polished. The vet told me that a locum had done the surgery and had clearly not turned the cat over on the operating table or read the notes as he had missed the left side problem.

The vets have said they'll pay for the cat hospital and will contact me now he's home (they brought him to me, I have a dislocated shoulder so I couldn't get him myself) about next steps and payment.

I'm bloody angry that my beloved pet has had so much go wrong. I don't want to return him there for more work and I think they should wAive the bill. But I'm not sure where I stand with this.

They've apologised profusely over the phone and said their procedures have been changed to prevent this happening again. But my cat still has a problem with his teeth and I don't know what to do that's right for him. I can't get him to an alternative vet (my arm-I can't carry him).

Do I pay for them to put right what they've botched? Do I risk another general anaesthetic?

I'd really welcome views from any vets that might be reading.

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Fluffycloudland77 Mon 24-Aug-20 16:37:59

I think I’d change vets entirely and start anew. No way they’d touch a cat of mine again. They overdosed him fgs.

Your poor boy!

Ludo19 Mon 24-Aug-20 16:40:01

I'm a vet nurse. No you shouldn't be paying for a half job and should be well within your rights for a reduced rate on the dental op to put right what should have been done in the first place!

Mxflamingnoravera Mon 24-Aug-20 18:05:17

I have little choice but to return to the local vet because of my arm. He's going for a check up and to discuss "a plan".

I'm just not sure what the plan should involve- risk wise and financially.

My lovely boy is curled up at my side right now. Providing physical therapy for my poor arm.

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