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Smelly cat litter - change of diet?

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blossomsarepretty Fri 26-Jun-20 19:00:49

We have had our 1 yo rescue girl for a couple of months now and she was used to eating Felix AGAIL so we have carried on with this diet.
I find the stuff stinks, she smells of it, as does her litter and some days the litter really reeks.

Can you recommend a diet that would help with the situation? I am happy to pay more for better quality food and less smelly poos/cat!

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AlCalavicci Sat 27-Jun-20 01:15:07

My cats LT smells shocking if I give him felix ! , Tesco's own or most whiskers are fine though
Make the change very gradual or you may well end up with a even smellier tray if it gives puss a upset stomach .

blossomsarepretty Sat 27-Jun-20 09:23:33

@AlCalavicci Thanks! If you buy whiskers do you buy the jelly stuff or gravy? Always wondered if the smell is linked to that, my cat loves the jelly and always tries to eat the jelly bits first before the solid parts, even when I mix it. She is very greedy so pretty sure she will eat most things.

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AlCalavicci Sat 27-Jun-20 12:51:45

I buy him both brands in jelly and gravy it doent seem to make any difference to the smell. But I prefer the jelly it comes out of the pouch easier .
He also gets Gocat indoor dry food.

Have you tried different litters ? Some are much better at absorbing smells.
He also have a hooded litter tray which stops the wiff from spreading.

blossomsarepretty Sat 27-Jun-20 14:39:13

I have tried different litters, but only the wood-based natural ones. Would something else possibly be better?
I can really smell 'the felix smell" on her though as well, especially when she comes for a cuddle or does that kneading thing on me.

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tabbytopcat Sat 27-Jun-20 14:45:52

Ours are on raw meat plus an 'odour trapping' litter, no smells at all.

blossomsarepretty Sat 27-Jun-20 18:19:57

@tabbytopcat I have been reading about raw meat diet online but there seems to be mixed views about it. Do you prepare it yourself or buy readily prepared from somewhere?
I have also thought about making my own cat food but worried I wouldn't get the right amount of vitamins and supplements in there, also think I would need a bigger freezer to be able to make big batches!

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AlCalavicci Sun 28-Jun-20 13:19:56

My cat is odd , he will eat any pouched/ tinned / dry cat food but not fresh raw or cooked chicken / fish . I have never known a cat to turn its nose up at tinned mackrel before .
So I have never tried him on RAW.

Catsan is good but expensive , I use this one .

It is good at holding smell as long as the tray is cleaned every other day , but like most clumping ones it sets like sodding concret !

I would advise that no matter which litter you use , get a big plasstic box like this
And a scoop like this

It is much easier than trying to pour out of a bag ( esp a 20l one ! )
It is also easier to mix two different litters together if you can not get your normal brand or want to cange it to another one

tabbytopcat Sun 28-Jun-20 18:11:10

I buy it ready prepared, on a subscription so it just turns up weekly or monthly etc depending on how much cat eats. It's not something we planned but it's the food the cats were eating when we adopted them. We tried them on pouches but they refused to eat them.
I'm at home a lot so will clean the tray pretty immediately most of the time but on days where that's not been possible there's no smell even when crouched by the tray. I use silica cat litter which is quite expensive but very good.

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