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Cat pulled muscle?

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slipperywhensparticus Sun 22-Dec-19 22:17:50

I will start by saying I am taking him to the vets as soon as I can

My apollo seemed to limp a bit yesterday morning on his back leg I rubbed it up and down he didnt flinch or anything then I got caught up in my daughter coming home from uni (missed her train absolutely hysterical crying etc) didnt get back till very late got home still limping a bit

Today he is grumbling getting up still a bit stiff but legging it around after his brothers eating and drinking fine he hid in my room for hours when we had guests he is jumping up onto the beds fine and off again stairs are good but I've noticed he didnt get in the shower earlier but his brothers were in there so that's not really significant as they will fight

Does this sound like a muscle pull? He flinched a little just now when I stroked the back of his leg at the top but five minutes later chased his brother around again not a care in the world 🤷‍♀️ I'm baffled he has ran in one direction and limped in the other

He is an indoor cat I strangely thought that would keep them safe from injury

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