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Have acquired a kitten.....

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GizmoGremlin Fri 13-Sep-19 19:39:35

Unsure of sex. Approx 7 weeks old. Name suggestions please??

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Windydaysuponus Fri 13-Sep-19 19:40:23

Yabu to not have 2...

DobbyTheHouseElk Fri 13-Sep-19 19:42:26

YABU not to post a photo.

GizmoGremlin Fri 13-Sep-19 19:46:17

Trying to post a pic but it's not showing up 🙄

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Fluffycloudland77 Fri 13-Sep-19 20:58:54

Where did you get it?

GizmoGremlin Sat 14-Sep-19 07:41:51

Cats protection

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Costacoffeeplease Sat 14-Sep-19 07:44:03

Post a photo of the rear end to get opinions on boy/girl

helloisitmeyourelookingfor Sat 14-Sep-19 07:46:08

CP rehomed a 7 week old kitten?

OldSpeclkledHen Sat 14-Sep-19 07:47:06

@helloisitmeyourelookingfor my thoughts exactly 😳

Chickoletta Sat 14-Sep-19 07:48:02

CP didn’t tell you the sex?

GizmoGremlin Sat 14-Sep-19 07:50:19

CP are not taking in cats/kittens in my area sadly. The kitten was found locally and I looked after it. CP asked if I would be happy to keep it. And no the lady that came out said she couldn't tell m/f

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chemenger Sat 14-Sep-19 07:50:59

CP kittens have had their first vaccinations and will have been sexed. So it seems very unlikely that this kitten is from them.

chemenger Sat 14-Sep-19 07:52:13

Ok, ignore my last post.

DobbyTheHouseElk Sat 14-Sep-19 11:10:26

CP don’t normally behave in this way, take it to the vet and get it sexed and booked for neuter ASAP. Ditto vaccinations, flea and tick.

YesItsMeIDontCare Sat 14-Sep-19 11:14:16

The kitten was found locally and I looked after it. CP asked if I would be happy to keep it.

Ah. I believe that's a "failed foster" 😁.

To be honest OP, I think Gizmo Gremlin is a great name for a kitten. And fairly accurate!

GizmoGremlin Sat 14-Sep-19 14:17:53

Dobby CP are coming back tomorrow to start dealing with all that. So far kitty is super chilled and sunbathing on the windowsill 😍

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GizmoGremlin Sat 14-Sep-19 14:29:03

Pic finally

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BlessedBeTheFruitCake Sat 14-Sep-19 14:34:39

Aww, so cute. Why can I never find kittens?!
Because of the sunbathing, Sonny?

ScreamingValenta Sat 14-Sep-19 14:35:30

I guess boy but would need to see genitalia pic to make an educated guess. He/she is gorgeous! I'd call him Charlie.

Jue01 Sat 14-Sep-19 14:46:54

Absolutely cute and adorable.
Maisie ( my little cats name)

Grambler Sat 14-Sep-19 14:49:27

Magnus, Mungo, Maggie or Margo.

cricketmum84 Sat 14-Sep-19 14:59:56

Awww! Kitty's face looks boy like to me but could easily be wrong.

He looks like a Jeremy. Jez for short. He already looks likes he's gonna be cock of the street and bossing all the other cats around.

GizmoGremlin Sat 14-Sep-19 15:05:58

He/she is adorable. Has settled down a lot and is very loving. And such a cutie. My OH suggested Gladys 🙄

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Fluffycloudland77 Sat 14-Sep-19 15:47:10

Looks like a fluffy one.

Gladys 🤦🏻‍♀️

DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 15-Sep-19 08:41:08

Ooh I like Gladys.

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