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brownmare Wed 06-Feb-19 12:11:51

I went to purchase my cats worming medications online as they are about due, I have six cats and last bought a bulk buy of panacur and droncit to cover round and tapeworms. I buy over the counter because the vet ones are so expensive with six to buy for.

Worming is always my most hated job, finding the right cat pinning them down and getting tablets or paste in them is always a nightmare resulting in at least a scratch or two, so how relieved was I to find that they now sell a spot on treatment that covers tape and roundworms in one easy application (god I sound like an advert!)

Seriously though, for those who have the same struggle to get them to take a tablet and don't get meds from the vet it's well worth it (apart from my psychic ex feral who can smell a spot on treatment from twenty paces and refuses to be caught) It's called Dronspot it cost me about £7 for a single dose and I'm hoping it will make it easier for me and my cats, happy days!

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