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Anyone Heard of Sepsis in a Cat?

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GlitterEverywhere Wed 23-Jan-19 08:03:56

Ended up at the vets at 3am on Sunday morning, as 10 year old cat woke us up with horrible distressed howling, collapsing to one side, and shivering

I thought stroke but vet said no signs of that, very tender around her elbow and pelvis and thickening of the tissue around her elbow joint. She suspected Sepsis.

Antibiotics, anti inflammatories and cat morphine later she is now on the mend, but I am wondered if anyone had heard of sepsis in a Cat before?

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Vinorosso74 Wed 23-Jan-19 08:29:38

Yes it can happen. Our old girl was on Chlorambucil tablets to control her IBD and we were warned it would reduce her immunity. The vet said if we suspected anything wrong to contact them as they didn't want her to get sepsis so yes it's possible.

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