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3 months after first heat before I can spay?

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NoPhelange Sat 05-Jan-19 18:49:13

We recently acquired an unspayed kitten, she is 7 months old, and since last night we have had 2 cats yowling outside her for and she is very much on heat. Called vets today to get her booked in ASAP and as I thought she can't be done when on heat but we were told we have to also wait 3 months after her first heat?

Receptionist wasn't very forthcoming with information really. Can someone explain why? I'm surely going to end up with a ton of kittens at this rate! It's only a matter of time before one of the kids let her out.

We have a male cat who was spayed at 3 months and is now 2 so I am new to this whole mating malarkey. Tia x

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Wolfiefan Sat 05-Jan-19 18:51:47

You need to make absolutely sure she doesn’t get out. Confine her to a single room if necessary.
We had ours spayed before first season. With dogs I know they recommend leaving it about three months after the last season.

PottyPotterer Sat 05-Jan-19 18:55:38

No that's not right, only relevant to dogs. Cats can be done anytime, preferably not when actually in heat but they can come in to heat as often as every 3 weeks so there's rarely an optimum time once they've started. I'd get her done as soon as the signs subside, and ask to speak to a nurse or vet when you call.

dementedpixie Sat 05-Jan-19 18:57:30

And maybe get a second opinion from another vet if they refuse to do it soon

Wolfiefan Sat 05-Jan-19 18:58:53

If you only spoke to the receptionist is there any chance they misheard and thought you were talking about a dog?

ShannonRockallMalin Sat 05-Jan-19 19:01:11

Our kittens were from the RSPCA rescue and had already been spayed when we got them at about four months old.

NoPhelange Sat 05-Jan-19 19:05:41

I thought it wasn't right, I understand they prefer not to do it when on heat as obviously everything is more engorged down there but her saying wait 3 month's took me by surprise. I'll call back and speak to an actual vet and see what they suggest. Waiting 3 months is surely asking for trouble and if they insist this is practice there I'll take her elsewhere

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dementedpixie Sat 05-Jan-19 19:10:42

From googling they can go into heat every 3 weeks if they don't get pregnant. Must have been thinking about dogs rather than cats

Hoppinggreen Sat 05-Jan-19 20:56:47

I’ve always had female cats spayed at 4-6 months

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 05-Jan-19 22:52:53

Cats we do at anytime including in season. We spay from 4 months of age.

thecatneuterer Sun 06-Jan-19 02:52:11

What? That's nonsense. You can spay while in heat and you certainly don't have to wait until any particular time afterwards.

It's recommended to spay at four months, but we spay at absolutely any time as long as the kitten weighs at least 1kg and we don't even ask about if the cat is in heat or has been or when as it's not relevant. Are you sure they didn't think you were asking about a dog? And the clinic I'm with is a specialist neuter clinic and spay thousands of cats every year, before ever coming into heat/ in heat/ soon after or otherwise, and all without issue.

Phone again to make sure you/they haven't misunderstood and if they still say that then for heavens sake go to another vet.

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