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Advice needed...poo related

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Stilllivinginazoo Sun 16-Dec-18 14:51:12

I have three older boys goes out but I got two kittens(girls) from a woman overrun with cats 18mnths ago
They are fearful of the outside so are indoor of them has gut issues so they have sensitive kibble and half a packet each wet meat a day in the mornings
My tabby is a big kibble nibbler,doesn't always eat all her share of the wet meat.shes had occasional bits poo stuck to her anus but in recent weeks it's getting more frequent and scooting poo trails on bathroom floor and bits depositing on beds is starting to happen I've just caught her try chew her bum for coupleins and another little clump was there.sometimes they're attached into anus on himself hair(chews hairbobbles she steals out of dd2 bobble pot)but not always
There's always fresh water both girls poo in both trays it's hard to be certain whose poo is whose iyswim
How can I help her/does she need to see a vet?
She's well in herself and apetite is fine

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Stilllivinginazoo Sun 16-Dec-18 14:53:37

Sorry for typos.damn autocorrect...
*Chew her bum for couple of mins
*They're attached into anus on human hair

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Ski37 Sun 16-Dec-18 19:34:57

I’d say take her to the vets to get checked, it sounds like there is something irritating her. If she eats a lot of dry food she could maybe be getting constipated through not drinking enough water. On the other hand if she chews hair bobbles she could develop an obstruction due to human hair/ a bobble itself. Could your daughter find somewhere to keep her hair bobbles out of the cats reach? If it’s any consolation my cat once ate a piece of dental floss he found (I tried to get it off him but I’ve never seen a cat so determined to swallow anything in it’s life!) He went to the vet who gave him something to make him vomit but it didn’t work so I was instructed to be on poo watch for the next few days as the worry was it could cause an obstruction - if he didn’t poo or if I saw dental floss hanging out of his bum I was to take him in again. Luckily neither scenario happened and cat is still fine!

Toddlerteaplease Sun 16-Dec-18 21:30:09

Ask the vet nurses for a hygiene trim. My shorthair gets more cling nuts than my long hair!

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