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Our 2 new kittens!

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winkingdemon Sun 25-Nov-18 18:29:30

Went to see them yesterday and reserved them. They will be ready in 2 weeks time! I’ve had cats in the past so have plenty of experience but still a bit nervous!
I was wondering if it’s best to get a “pet plan” type thing at the vets (£85 each and it includes vaccinations, a microchip, 3 month flea and worm treatment and 10% off neutering) or if it’s better to just pay for it all outright? Does it work out cheaper to use the pet plan? Also suggestions for the best pet insurance currently.
We still have to think of names so any suggestions would be welcome but I want unusual names - they are both boys!

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viccat Sun 25-Nov-18 20:40:43

They look very young in those photos, are those current? How old are they?

Petplan is the name of an insurance company, not to be confused with the plans vet's offer to spread the cost of routine treatment. You can work out the cost of monthly flea treatments, worming treatments, annual check ups and vaccinations and see if the monthly plan is cheaper. Sounds like the one you mention is a new kitten pack type deal - sounds like a good price to me, vaccinations alone are usually around £40-70 - although where are you getting your kittens from if they have not had at least the first vaccination before coming to you?

winkingdemon Sun 25-Nov-18 20:58:07

The photos aren’t from yesterday - I couldn’t get any good ones myself as they were too active!
They will be 8 and a half weeks old when I get them.

I know that, the “pet plan” I am referring to is the cat/kitten plan they have at the vets for vaccinations etc. Yes it’s a kitten pack, they have several for kittens/puppies and older cats and dogs. I’ve seen some that are pay monthly but this one is £85 one off cost that includes those things. The vets is vets4pets.

They’re coming from a breeder (well these were actually an accidental litter) - the woman is actually a vet herself funnily enough (I have checked her up online and she is certainly legit and has a very good reputation) but the practice where she works is also a vets4pets however it is quite a long way away from me otherwise I’d have her as their vet, so instead I’m going with my local branch.
Like I say I’ve had cats before and I’ve had several rescue cats that have been older etc and have come from rescues without their vaccinations - this isn’t always a guaranteed thing. But I’ve never gone with a “plan” type thing for them (I have qualified for cats protection £5 neutering in the past and only had to pay for one cat at a time so just paid outright) but as I am getting a pair I’m thinking it would be cheaper to do the kitten pack deal

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winkingdemon Sun 25-Nov-18 20:59:05

Also if you are meaning they look young because of their blue eyes - they are half ragdoll and their mum has blue eyes so their eyes will likely stay a shade of blue I think (when I viewed them yesterday the stripy one has one green eye and one blue eye)

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EachandEveryone Mon 26-Nov-18 11:14:54

They are gorgeous. I definitely get full use out of my monthly plan it’s anout £13 a month each. They give me 6 months of treatment at the time and it’s the good stuff. For me it’s easier to pay that way.

hartof Mon 26-Nov-18 12:31:53

Very cute!

We pay £11 a month to a local vet for chipping, injections and flea and worm treatment, nail trims. Also got us 20% off neutering. I think its worth it, my parents got a cat the same time as us and they did the plan you mention and said they wished they'd done the same as us because they've still got to pay for the rest of the years flea treatment.

winkingdemon Mon 26-Nov-18 12:44:36

@hartof - this is the only plan they offer at my local vets which is a vets4pets
It's just a one off payment of £85 per kitten, it isn't an ongoing monthly payment

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