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Best mid price cat food

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SpanielPlusToddler Thu 30-Aug-18 11:38:16

We have 2 kittens who are 13 weeks old and I’m getting a bit baffled with all the cat food options. Help please!

Currently we’re giving them pouches of wet Tesco own brand kitten food (because that’s what they were on when they came) but I know this is probably very poor quality and would happily switch them to something better.

I thought it was good to buy a better dry food. So I looked in pets at home and our local independent shop. Some of the small bags of dry food were £15-20 and that seemed too dear, but I wanted something better than go cat or whiskers etc from the supermarket. So I ended up with dry Burgess Chicken Kitten food, it was about £5 for the bag, which seemed a good mid price. But I have no idea if it’s good or any better then the supermarket ones.

So which mid price wet and dry foods would you recommend please?

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Impulsesealer Thu 30-Aug-18 11:40:48

It will seem expensive but they eat less because it’s better quality.

You need to get food that is grain free and has a high meat content. Are you wanting to feed dry food or wet?
Lilly’s kitchen has an ok meat content and is more affordable than some of the other foods.

SpanielPlusToddler Thu 30-Aug-18 11:46:00

Thanks for your speedy reply.

I think I’d like to carry on with both wet and dry.

How do I know if they’re grain free?

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FormerlyFrikadela01 Thu 30-Aug-18 11:49:48

Food that is grain free will say it on the packaging explicitly.

I'd check out zoo plus. We used to get 2 massive bags of applaws dry food for around £30. Lasted ages.

Just a shame his lordship decided he was going through a chop and change no food is good enough phase again otherwise we'd still be buying it.

dementedpixie Thu 30-Aug-18 14:15:38

Mine eat thrive dry food (90% chicken) and have also been having some purizon that I got as a trial pack (70% meat and also grain free). They dont like decent wet food so eat gourmet perle mostly. Zooplus and bitiba are good for food and other cat stuff

Keiki Thu 30-Aug-18 14:22:48

Sainsbury's do an own brand grain free selection for kittens and cats. I use Applaws grain free dryfood, either from Zooplus or Pets at Home, depending on what special offers they have on. Lasts ages. I feed a selection of brands, do some research on Zooplus to find other high meat content complete foods within your price range.

Dollymixture22 Thu 30-Aug-18 19:15:25

I have just transitioned my three month old kitten on to Lily’s kitchen wet and dry. She gets applaws wet every so often as a treat.

amazon do subscribe and save which helps

SpanielPlusToddler Thu 30-Aug-18 21:58:32

Thanks everyone, lots of helpful suggestions.

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littlbrowndog Thu 30-Aug-18 22:02:49

Mines won’t eat Lily’s stuff they scorn it

The6 like mice a lot but just the heads. Boak
Sometimes a raw chicken wing or pork rib
Morrison’s do ox heart which is popular

They had frozen sardines recently from Lidl. They loved it
Iams dried is pretty popular

Erm I just mix it up t9 be fair

Rockbird Fri 31-Aug-18 08:52:31

Does it matter whether it's wet or dry, could they survive on either and it's just cat preference? Newbie here!

FormerlyFrikadela01 Fri 31-Aug-18 09:17:39

rockbird according to our vet a mixture is better. All dry and there's the potential for stomach issues??? And all wet (as his lordship was on before I met dp) ruins their teeth.
An all wet diet contributed to ours having the majority of his teeth out.

He is back on an all wet diet now after refusing the dry but he's old as fuck and got really dehydrated recently so I've given up battling with him and give him what he wants.

Rockbird Fri 31-Aug-18 21:21:39

If you can't eat what you like when you're as old as fuck when can you? grin

Right, so I need to be ideally looking at a mixture. <adds to list>

Toomanycats99 Fri 31-Aug-18 21:28:35

Zoo plus are great I buy an 8kg sack of dry food for £37 ish. That probably lasts about 2 months I think for 2 cats and they have maybe 3tins of pate cat food a week each as well. There are about £14 for 48.

The dried food is way cheaper than pets at home.

LapdanceShoeshine Fri 31-Aug-18 21:38:50

Mine (3) have felix wet pouches (not AGAIL, just ordinary) which is no cereal; £10 for 40 from Asda & zooplus

And royal canin vet care neutered female, £40+ for 10kg from zooplus. Huge bag, lasts months.

EachandEveryone Sat 01-Sep-18 10:51:40

I didn’t know Felix is grain free. I buy a pack of 44 from zoollus for £13 they have that or a complementary tin of chicken. I don’t mind because they have good quality dry. Usually Puritzon from Zooplus they do a kitten version and it’s a very high meat content. Zoo Plus is your friend.

Mine also like savoury cakes. I feel your pain as 80p for one tray of Lily’s Kitchen soon adds up. Mine don’t like pate consistency anyway.

I think as long as one half is good quality they can have a cheaper other half. Sainsbury’s do a grain free range it’s really cheap. Unfortunately mine won’t eat it but if I’d started then on it from the beginning that’s what they would be having.

dementedpixie Sat 01-Sep-18 11:15:09

Not all Felix is grain free so you'd need to check the boxes

LapdanceShoeshine Sat 01-Sep-18 14:25:31

The Felix mine have is the box of 40, for £10 - just called “pouches” apparently confused

They used to have AGAIL but always left some. The cheaper one is bigger, square chunks & they prefer those apparently, which is lucky smile

AnnaMagnani Sat 01-Sep-18 14:31:58

Check out Zooplus. There are loads of grain-free (so higher quality) options that are a lot cheaper than premium supermarket brands. The cats eat less of them too.

Mine had Feringa as kittens but have moved on to Sanabelle as 1 yr olds with Animonda Carny for wet food. Bozita chunks were v popular with them for a while too. All much better value than Lily's Kitchen, Applaws etc.

They are also obsessed with Cosmas Snackies which are the Zooplus cheaper alternative to Thrive treats. None of them, even the old lady will have any truck with Dreamies.

dementedpixie Sat 01-Sep-18 14:38:35

We also get cosma snackies from zooplus. Mine had feringa and bozita as kittens but went off them. Bozita had too much jelly too. They dont like pate style so a lot of the good ones are off the menu

EachandEveryone Sat 01-Sep-18 15:00:15

Oh we went through them all as kittens. My work colleagues would laugh at me. Them suddenly, they just went off the grainfree high meat content stuff. They do like the Cosmo wet food though but unfortunately its not complete so they have it as a treat. The animo carny etc is just so meaty they arent interested.

LapdanceShoeshine Sat 01-Sep-18 15:04:26

I get Beaphar Zahnies dental treats from zooplus for mine - they're a vivid green, which is amusing, & they love them. (Can’t tell if they make any difference to their teeth though)

AnnaMagnani Sat 01-Sep-18 18:14:53

The jelly of the Bozita was v popular!

Animonda is v much meat. Needs mashing up with a fork in the bowl for them. Mine only have a quarter of a small tin each a day and they are full up. But they can hear the tin being opened from a mile away - they aren't going off it anytime soon grin

And even next door's cat knows the noise of the fecking Snackies tube being shaken.

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