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Best disinfectant around cats?

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EatingTheElephantInChunks Sat 18-Aug-18 11:10:14

Another tip on the other thread about layering spare litter trays too, which seems a great idea.

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EatingTheElephantInChunks Fri 17-Aug-18 22:59:52

Thanks Vino. That's a great help as I hadn't heard of Anistel. I'll have a look. I have a thread over in Housekeeping as I've just started clearing out a house to help a friend, but needed this bit of specific advice as he's got a (lovely) cat and hopes to get a dog in the future. I'm a long way from steam cleaning yet, (!), but I'll remember that too. Thanks again. smile

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Vinorosso74 Fri 17-Aug-18 21:50:09

The CP centre I volunteer at use Anistel for every day use. I believe this is ok for all animals but I would double check first. Virkon is also used when needed along with good old steam cleaning!
I tend to keep our cat out the way when cleaning at home until things are dry.

EatingTheElephantInChunks Fri 17-Aug-18 20:35:16

Can anyone please advise me on what is currently the best disinfectant to use around cats? I have used Virkon in the past on the recommendations of a vet and cat breeder/lover - is this still seen as the bees knees? And the best general cleaning products to use or to avoid please if there is a cat in the home? And also, are any of these not to be used around dogs?


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