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Am I wrong to think they've shot themselves in the paw here? (Light-hearted)

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NCPuffin Mon 13-Aug-18 17:07:20

We order PuffinCat's food online, in boxes of 120 pouches at a time. Last time, five pouches hadn't sealed correctly and had leaked over other ones. We only discovered this when there was a really unpleasant smell in the kitchenenvy. I filled in an online form on Purina's website, explaining exactly and truthfully what happened. I have now received a full refund for the entire box of 120 pouches. Obviously I am very grateful for this! However, I can't help but think that they don't really understand their customers - as if we could vote with our feet if we wanted to! PuffinCat, like any self-respecting feline, would simply go on a hunger strike if we gave her different foodgrin

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ScreamingValenta Mon 13-Aug-18 19:06:47

Great service from Purina there! True, though, your cat would never let you boycott their supplier ...

NCPuffin Mon 13-Aug-18 23:13:36

I guess I have just proven to them that it was worth it to be generous after all - singing their praises on social media and all that smile

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