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Please advise re giving oral antibiotics

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EachandEveryone Tue 22-May-18 16:50:12

Shes got the injection on board.

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starfish4 Tue 22-May-18 14:32:31

Ask the vet if there's an injection alternative.

EachandEveryone Tue 22-May-18 10:12:17

I know but I can’t bear her to be in a cage when they all go home at 6! She’s alreadu had a weeks worth of tablets and we managed with them but her leg is still hot so she’s prescribed it orally. I literally have to get under the table with the air bed pump it’s no fun.

I feed them separately as the other one just wants to be out all the time. She’s not a fan of strong fish. She refuses pate. If only they would invent a dreamie filled with antibiotics!

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villainousbroodmare Tue 22-May-18 10:05:19

Ask your vet to keep the cat for a few days. I'm a vet and I often do this for clients as it is quite stressful for patient and client to battle at home.

Allergictoironing Tue 22-May-18 10:01:07

Is there any way you can feed the 2 girls separately? A liquid or fine powder on a really strong tasting treat like a Lik e lix or some tuna may get her to eat it, especially if it's before her normal feeding time/

EachandEveryone Tue 22-May-18 09:08:44

2mls is alot. Metronidazole is horrible i know myself. I feel our relationship has changed she grunts as soon as she sees me. Shes off her food because shes not daft. If just had to pin her doen with the cone on her head it was so distressing and i don't think she gets the right amount.

I have a pre op im running late because of the hour it took to grab her. I will be up for work at 5am tomorrow and it will be the same thing. Its not good for either of us. I just want it to end.

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