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My cats leg (picture included)

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Shedmicehugh1 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:15:35

Tonight at about 5pm, I noticed my cat sitting holding his paw up. It looks quite swollen too.

I phoned the vets, I was told to wait until tomorrow as see how it goes. Cats often sustain leg injuries, which they recover from extremely quickly.

He has been able to put some weight on it and has been in and out the cat flap. Possibly even climbing the garden fence as I haven’t seen him in the garden. vet told me to let him carry on as normal.

Does this sound like good advice? Any experiences?

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Vinorosso74 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:18:16

I think it would be worth keeping him in so you can keep an eye on him.

Oxfordblue Tue 20-Mar-18 20:27:08

I'd had a good look at it, see if there are any cuts or scrapes.
My friends cat for his leg caught in a fire door & ended up with broken bones. Don't forget cats can take quite a lot of pain without showing it.
Paws crossed it's ok.

Shedmicehugh1 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:31:11

He is his usual self, eating, jumping on and off bed, settee etc, just limping and holding his paw up when he sits.

He has just let me check his pads, I cannot see any damage, nothing stuck in pads or cuts etc.

Vet seems to think he will be almost back to normal by morning. If broken would he be able to put any weight on it?

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Dvg Tue 20-Mar-18 20:33:54

Its huge!!!! Omg I hope He is okay! Please do have a vet look at it tomorrow as that is... REALLY big unless my eye sight is playing up

Shedmicehugh1 Tue 20-Mar-18 20:43:52

I think the angle and way he is holding it up has made it look bigger. Although it is definitely swollen.

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kikibo Tue 20-Mar-18 21:03:35

Our cat broke his right hind leg when he wasn't even a year old. Though it was a compound fracture (shin bone and the one behind snapped + shin bone split open upwards as he evidently fell off something landing on his paws as cats do), trust me, they won't limp. They'll just yell and lie there if it's broken unless it's maybe the equivalent of a finger, say. And they'll be extremely careful with it. They won't hobble around on it either.

If you can't see any cuts, in all likelihood it's sprained and the cat will just heal by itself or with painkiller. If it's bad he'll limp for a week or so.

FYI our cat had surgery, a plaster on his leg and was fine in 6 weeks. You wouldn't know it happened.

Shedmicehugh1 Tue 20-Mar-18 21:22:19

When I rang the vet at about 5, he was holding it up and not putting any weight on it. Vet said, don’t panic it’s not an emergency, he would probably be walking on it in a few hours. (He is)

Vet made an appointment for tomorrow, but told me to phone and cancel if he improved.

Panic over I think, you know what it is like when you think your animal could be suffering and maybe you should be doing more!

I will be patient and wait and see. Thanks everyone.

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kikibo Wed 21-Mar-18 20:58:24

To make the cat more comfortable they could be given painkiller. Metacam seems to be very popular for this, because it tastes nice (too nice in some cases and cat or dog will eat it all).

I agree it's quite scary the first time.

Glad the cat's OK.

Shedmicehugh1 Wed 21-Mar-18 21:37:16

When I woke at 6 this morning, he is totally fine!! Swelling has gone, walking normally!

How bizarre is that?! I wonder what it was?

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GrumpyWhenHungry Wed 21-Mar-18 21:41:20

Drama queen cat. We have those too

Glad all is well

Shedmicehugh1 Wed 21-Mar-18 21:56:39

Or drama queen owner in this case grin I think I was more bothered than him!

Vet must have dealt with 1001 calls like mine! Knew exactly what to do! While I’m questioning the advice on here blush

My only defensive is it was extremely swollen!!

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