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Crusty nostril

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IntoTheFloodAgain Mon 19-Mar-18 19:52:54

My cat has a bit of crust in his nostril, and a but next to it.
It’s white, looks like snot but it could just be broken down litter (he regularly ends up with it on the tip of his nose after he goes but its never been inside).

I’ve tried to wet it and wipe it off but it’s stiff and I don’t want to pull it too much incase it tears the skin.

Is it best to leave it to come off on it’s own, or if it’s still there in a day or two would the vets be necessary? he’s going in for vaccine in a weeks time, not sure if it should be left until then?

It’s not covering the entire nostril but I’m worried it could affect his sense of smell or something if there’s more in there than I can see.

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Want2beme Tue 20-Mar-18 18:48:03

Haven't seen anything like that before. Is it still there today? I'd say you could wait til the vet apt next week.

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