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What do I need for new Cat?

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MirandaWest Mon 19-Mar-18 12:04:05

We are adopting a two year old black cat at some point this week and although we used to have a cat, she died a few years ago and I was feeling a little overwhelmed looking at Cat equipment in the pet shop!

So we need a Cat carrier, litter trays, cat bed (for her to ignore?) but there seem to be many options on each of these. Are litter trays with hoods to them any better than open ones? Which sort of cat carrier is best? And any advice on what else we will need?

Here is a picture of her smile

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Toddlerteaplease Mon 19-Mar-18 12:33:36

I've got a top entry litter tray. It's brilliant. I e also got a picnic basket style carrier. It's brilliant. (It's a curver brand) She's beautiful!

Rudgie47 Mon 19-Mar-18 12:43:28

I've got one Giant litter tray with no hood and another large one, I use the wood based litter and clean out the soiled part as soon as the cats have been to the loo.
I've just got a normal cat carrier, made out of plastic, I've had it years and a really big post.
We have a basket and a igloo cat bed, both are used by the cats. Your cat is beautiful and I hope it all goes o.k for you.

Allergictoironing Mon 19-Mar-18 12:46:32

Scratch post or a decent tree with scratching legs. Cats tend to prefer ceramic bowls for water rather than plastic ones. Toys - mine like fishing pole type ones and a laser pointer the best, though Girlcat's favorite toy at the moment is a thick rubber band! Boycat likes little mice he can throw about the place.

Dreamies to bribe her with grin. Possibly a brush or furminator (mine are terrified of them though.

I'm with Toddler for the top entry cat carrier; mine has a "front" door, a top one, and the whole upper half can be removed if necessary, again it's a Curver type one I got from Amazon.

She looks a real cutie, quite similar to my Girlcat smile

DumbledoresApprentice Mon 19-Mar-18 16:31:34

Mine likes an open tray (we have one covered and one open and she only uses the covered one if the other one is being scooped when she wants to go or if she can’t get to it because we shut the door to the room). She won’t use wood or corn based litters either so I’d go with what the cat is used to in case yours is fussy too. I have the catit cabrio carrier. It’s big but good for longer journeys and can be opened at the top as well as with the door. I highly recommend it for a larger cat. Here’s my cat in hers.

fairylightsdown Mon 19-Mar-18 21:16:58

I have a rucksack cat carrier. I find clumping cat litter the best (although tracks a bit more than wood pellets). A constant supply of dreamies is a must

EachandEveryone Mon 19-Mar-18 21:23:48

Sainsburys do a good range of cat litter at the moment.

ScreamingValenta Mon 19-Mar-18 21:25:03

What a beautiful girl!

dementedpixie Mon 19-Mar-18 21:31:01

Tree from zooplus, tray from pet planet, carrier from pets at home

Shedmicehugh1 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:32:24

Awwww she is lovely.

Word of warning, it might be worth asking what litter she is already using and type of tray.

One of my rescues cats wouldn’t use the litter or tray, until I changed it back to what foster carer used! He peed everywhere but tray!

MirandaWest Mon 19-Mar-18 21:36:40

Thank you everyone smile

The rescue centre said they’ll give me some of the current litter so that she’ll feel a bit secure. It’s an open litter tray there.

I will get many packets of Dreamies grin

And will consider different types of carrier

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tootiredforeverything Mon 19-Mar-18 21:51:28

Gorgeous cat! My cats have a closed litter tray... and we use worlds best litter as it really does manage the odour much more effectively than any other brands we tried. What food is she used to? I would get a few nice blankets to have in her bed and around the house. If there is any type of cloth on the floor, my cats will immediately sit on it!

dementedpixie Mon 19-Mar-18 21:52:44

Mine like shoe boxes and backpacks for lying on. Bits of paper also good

TheDuchessofDukeStreet Mon 19-Mar-18 22:01:49

A cardboard box. Golf balls to chase.

GingerKitCat Mon 19-Mar-18 22:47:49

Lovely cat!

Mine likes this bed from Zooplus, it's not the most exciting but he prefers it. He rests his head on the ridge and stretches out! There were a million positive reviews from surprised cat owners but they seem to have disappeared when they introduced the second colourway.


I have a hooded litter tray but took the flap off to encourage the cat to use it and not freak out. Did the trick.

Aldi have some for £8.99 with free delivery here Also cat carriers (small or medium) and beds:


Basic primark/ikea fleece throws are handy to fold into squares on your furniture/bed. The cat will inevitably sleep there rather than the cat bed provided grin It contains their pet hair a bit.

Judydreamsofhorses Mon 19-Mar-18 22:53:23

My cat’s absolute favourite toys are hair ties, and the ribbon that came from a long ago box of chocolates. The laser pointer is another hit, and she yaps like a dog while playing with it, which is hysterical, but I always feel slightly cruel and like I’m tormenting her. She came with a bed - we adopted her directly from a family - and amazingly she sleeps in it in the evenings and through the night. (During the day she’s either out, sitting looking out the window, or on our bed.)

Shedmicehugh1 Mon 19-Mar-18 22:56:23

My cats love their cat tent for playing in

(I got mine for about £3 in wilko)

Doughnut bed for sleep (as well as my bed!) and their cat tree, with scratch posts, hammock and hanging toys. They also love a scrunched up empty crisp packet!

Threeminis Mon 19-Mar-18 22:56:22

I got a cat tree from wish.
It was only £30 including delivery

Babdoc Mon 19-Mar-18 22:57:17

Cat beds are a waste of time - she’ll just sleep on your bed and ignore her own!
Get a good scratching post and gently take her to it each time you catch her ripping your furniture.
When choosing a cat carrier, get one where the door is hinged, rather than one where the whole door comes off. It’s much easier to pop the cat in and quickly swing a hinged door shut before she scrambles out, rather than try to press a complete door back on and attach several fittings while wrestling with a half escaped cat.
I find the wood chip cat litter smells pleasantly of cut pine, and can be put in the garden compost bin as it’s biodegradable. Also produces much less dust than clay based ones.
Good luck, and I hope you have many happy years as a devoted servant to your new mistress!

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