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Stupid cat ate dental floss.... please reassure me!

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Ski37 Sat 03-Feb-18 00:23:33

So my daft big tom cat managed to find a 10 inch piece of dental floss left by a guest (it's not their fault, they didn't know they had lost it and said peice of dental floss had migrated far out of humans reach and under an arm chair). One minute Dcat was catching 'prey' under a newspaper, the next he had a six inch moustache of dental floss hanging from his chops. Normally he would just drop this 'gift' at my feet but for some reason he decided he had to swallow it as if his little hairy life depended on it and as I tried to catch him he looked me in the eye and started swallowing even faster!!! After speaking to my (very understanding) vet I took him in so they could check it wasn't caught around his tongue and they also tried to make him vomit it up- apparently I have the only cat that won't vomit at the vets despite the emetics they gave him. I've been left with the advice to monitor his poos and take him in at the first sign of vomiting/ going off food/ obstruction.
I'm a 'human' doctor by profession so this really shouldn't throw me but I'm just so worried about missing something in my DCat!
So...any ideas how to monitor a cat that only normally poo's under the cover of darkness in the garden( locking the cat flap doesn't work- he's forced his way out)
And has anyone had a cat that had eaten something they shouldn't have and been ok? - please tell me your tales to put my mind at rest!

WhoWants2Know Sat 03-Feb-18 00:37:42

I've seen tinsel and elastic bands in cat poo. It should be ok 9 times out of 10, but there's always that 10th time that worries you.

A litter tray in a darkened room and no escape might help?

Ski37 Sat 03-Feb-18 00:39:12

I should say that the reason he had an immediate trip to the vets was because I had to go away for 2 days and was leaving him with my cat sitter so we decided to err on the side of caution:
Bloody cats- before I was owned by one I thought they were an 'easy' pet to have 😸😸😸

Ski37 Sat 03-Feb-18 00:48:57

WhoWants2Know that is what I'm hoping!

Toddlerteaplease Sat 03-Feb-18 10:49:25

I'm a nurse and can cope with very sick children. But poorly cats and I'm floored!

Want2beme Sat 03-Feb-18 11:31:21

Last week my cat ate a long length of something plastic that builders left behind. As I ran towards her to wrench it from her gob, she looked me in the eye and swallowed hard. Strangely, I didn't panic and just hoped for the best. She is known for hoovering up random items. All was well and she's fine.

When did he swallow it?

Ski37 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:27:26

Want2beme he swallowed it on Wednesday afternoon. I was then on study leave away from home for thursday/ friday hence the vet/ vomit panic. He was a bit quiet on Friday night when I got back and I woke up to a pile of sick Saturday morning .... it contained the remains of what I can only assume was a mouse 🙀 He has form for catching rodents and then eating them only to vomit them up on my kitchen floor. No sign of dental floss🙀
He is still his normal self and demanding food at every available opportunity so I'm assuming the dental floss hadn't obstructed him yet!
I laughed when I read your's the look they give you whilst swallowing desperately to hide the evidence ..... bloody cats!!!

Ski37 Mon 05-Feb-18 16:32:14

I guess I better get used to it!

TroysMammy Mon 05-Feb-18 16:35:23

I'm guessing he will race in through the cat flap with a poo necklace hanging from his bum.

IHaveBrilloHair Mon 05-Feb-18 16:39:55

This is why I hate cats I have four

Ohyesiam Mon 05-Feb-18 16:48:51

I think as he swallowed it on Wednesday, all danger of obstruction are probably passed.
My cat ate a length of tinsel, and bounded around on Christmas morning with a length of it sticking out of his fluffy bum. He seemed to be wagging it proudly.

Want2beme Mon 05-Feb-18 18:36:00

Ohyesiam grin

Want2beme Mon 05-Feb-18 18:37:32

Ski37 sounds like he's gonna be fine. What a little devil.

Ski37 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:46:54

Thanks! He certainly is a little devil! The vet said to keep an eye on him for 7- 10 days ..... I'm fairly confident we'll be ok!

dinksandbinks Mon 05-Feb-18 22:38:53

I'm guessing he will race in through the cat flap with a poo necklace hanging from his bum.

This!! This exact thing happened when my boy ate floss. The dirty sod actually picks it out of the bathroom bin so we had to get a lidded bin. He can hear if we’re flossing and sits by the bin waiting to see if he can snatch it.

Only time he properly ate a bit, he dragged a poo necklace round the house at full zoomies speed til we caught him and cut it off at the source. Then waited for round 2. Thankfully that was the end of it (bad pun, couldn’t resist).

Cats are gross. Hope he’s ok!!

Ski37 Thu 08-Feb-18 19:29:02

dinksandbinks I laughed out loud at your post!
No sign of a poo necklace yet but he's still absolutely fine in himself so I'm hoping it's sorted itself out!

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