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Need to take cat to the vet this week. Being sick lots.

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VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Dec-17 19:32:31

No insurance, we had some when she was younger but for two elderly cats it got so expensive. I have savings so we figured we could afford vets bills if needed.

I have got some hair ball paste actually, so will put some of that on her paw now. Squeaking what food did your vet recommend.? Glad it seems to be working.

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ASqueakingInTheShrubbery Mon 25-Dec-17 19:28:58

I took my 14yo to the vet with similar symptoms recently. There were three possibilities before she looked into anything sinister: a bug he couldn't shift, a hairball stuck that he couldn't dislodge, or a delicate tummy due to old age. She prescribed antacids, laxatives and special delicate food for two weeks. He wouldn't take the laxatives but liked the antacids and food, and now he only throws up if he eats his sister's ordinary cat food. He still has to have the special food, but that must be a damn sight cheaper than kidney/thyroid/cancer treatment, which would have been the next level of investigation. The plan was for blood tests if the first plan didn't work. I hope your cat is as easily put right, I was worried sick.

Vinorosso74 Mon 25-Dec-17 19:24:12

It could be one of many things so blood test (and possibly urine test) will be a good starting point. This is all done without anaesthetic; vets, vet nurses and assistants are used to doing this.
Medication can be bought online though your vet will charge for a written prescription. Our cat was diabetic so we bought online after a few months but it is vital your vet still sees the cat for check ups etc; we did glucose curves at home and kept vet updated so with any chronic illness I say you need a good relationship with your vet.
Do you not have insurance? You are right to get things checked out but try not to worry too much and step away from Dr Google!

VivaLeBeaver Mon 25-Dec-17 19:06:16

She’s fairly old I guess, think she’s 10yo.

She’s always been skinny even though she eats a lot but looking at her today I think she’s lost some weight. Also have noticed today how much she’s drinking, she’s drinking out the xmas tree pot several times a day.....not sure if it’s just because she likes this new water source but the other cat doesn’t drink this much.

She also has a vomiting issue which she’s had intermittently for ages. But it’s more bolting her food and within minutes she brings her undigested food back up. A friend said to stop feeding her Whiskas which we did and this worked for a bit. Then she started again so we moved to feeding her smaller quantities and this worked for a while but has recently started again.

Then today and yesterday she’s been sick, but this time it’s liquid sick rather than chewed up food. She’s also pooed indoors twice in the last week which is very unlike her and one of these was liquid.

So google throws up a few possibilities of thyroid issues, kidney issues or diabetes. So am guessing vet will want to do a blood they have to be put under a GA for this? Is medication for these sort of conditions expensive? Will ring the vets on Weds.

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