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Can I show off my new little boy ? Help with names please.

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Catwhisperer1976 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:41:07

We are picking him up on the 27/12 and I cannot wait !

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cathyclown Mon 25-Dec-17 18:46:10


CremeBrulee Mon 25-Dec-17 18:47:02


Godotsarrived Mon 25-Dec-17 18:48:06


FrayedHem Mon 25-Dec-17 18:48:54


Elmosmum Mon 25-Dec-17 18:48:55


Icequeen01 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:50:06

Bo - and he's utterly gorgeous!

ocelot41 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:50:09

Tiger - he's gorgeous!

loulou987 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:50:39

Binky or Suki ..... lucky you, he sure is beautiful ❤️

Nousernameforme Mon 25-Dec-17 18:51:23

Greebo after Nanny oggs cat

Greenshoots1 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:52:10


Greenshoots1 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:52:50


AnnieOnAMapleLeaf Mon 25-Dec-17 18:52:54

Oh my gosh he’s adorable. He looks like a Herman to me.

feellikeanalien Mon 25-Dec-17 18:55:11

He is absolutely adorable. I'm jealous. He looks like our little girl did when she was a kitten. What about Tiger? She is Athena (usually known as Thena) since DP was playing God of War at the time!

SmilingButClueless Mon 25-Dec-17 18:56:30


Guiltypleasures001 Mon 25-Dec-17 18:58:57

Dh says Elton or Tiberius, I reckon bloody nightmare 😁 he's gorge though op

Eenymeeny123 Mon 25-Dec-17 19:01:53

Stripes obvious I know😐 his gorgeous. Always liked Bruno for a cat.

SingaSong12 Mon 25-Dec-17 19:05:09

Beautiful- I like lots of the names from PP -
just because of where he is in the photo you posted how about Raffie (is he on a raffia basket?)

Catwhisperer1976 Mon 25-Dec-17 19:05:15

Thank you for all your great suggestions ! Dh wants to call him Meow Farrah but it’s a bit too long ! He is a rescue cat, he is a stray but when we met him he was really friendly. He purrs so loudly !

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ShotsFired Mon 25-Dec-17 19:06:14

Lord Tuftington of Scratchburgh.

Indigo911 Mon 25-Dec-17 19:06:36


Elmosmum Mon 25-Dec-17 19:07:18


stitchglitched Mon 25-Dec-17 19:07:57

Tigger. He's gorgeous!

Aridane Mon 25-Dec-17 19:08:49


DailyMailIsEnemyOfPeople Mon 25-Dec-17 19:14:48

Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast, Pallando, Allatar (LoTR refs, he looks like a crusty old wizard to me).

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