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Best cleaning product for cat wee

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tootsieglitterballs Sat 28-Oct-17 12:47:33


We lost our beautiful girl last night. She had various issues, but the major one was early kidney disease, which in the last few days got dramatically worse and left her incontinent.

I now want to give the areas she wee’d a really good deep clean - luckily it was just vinyl flooring - but I’m unsure of the best product to use. I’ve been advised that some general cleaning products don’t react well to cat wee or make it even more attractive to other cats (we aren’t looking to get another yet but may do in the future)


tootsieglitterballs Sun 29-Oct-17 09:01:02

Any suggestions?

jaspercat2002 Sun 29-Oct-17 09:53:55

So sorry you’ve lost your cat flowers Hope you are ok.

I use simple solution on carpets and it works pretty well and I think they do a hard floor version on amazon.

NameChanger22 Sun 29-Oct-17 09:59:30

Sorry about your cat.

I've found anti bac spray is good at getting rid of cat smells.

timtam23 Sun 29-Oct-17 11:34:23

So sorry to hear about your old girl, it's always sad to have to let them go.
White vinegar will neutralise the smell. Biological washing powder is good for cleaning (the enzymes break down the wee). Bleach or anything containing ammonia may make it worse.

susan198130 Sun 29-Oct-17 11:40:39

Sorry you lost your cat.

My cat generally likes to pee in the house in the winter and I actually find it worse to get the smell out of wood than I do the carpet. I googled it, can't remember exactly what it was I used. I think I bleached the area first, then I used a mixture of white vinegar and baking powder to get rid of the smell. I still didn't think the smell went completely but my house no longer smells of cat wee anyway.

JessicaEccles Tue 31-Oct-17 13:54:40

1. Bicarb of soda down then white vinegar ( NOT malt or white wine vinegar)- let is soak in. Steam clean. Then let dry, then put down Neutradol powder then hoover.

2. Mr Muscle pet cleaner - from Amazon. As above.

tootsieglitterballs Tue 31-Oct-17 16:19:33

Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions, I’ll get down on hands and knees tomorrow and get scrubbing everywhere!

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