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How much throwing up is normal/not normal?

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Allergictoironing Tue 17-Oct-17 20:07:47

My anxious paranoid thick Boycat has always had a tendency to gobble his food occasionally & throw it up right after, or maybe an hour or so later. I've noticed that lately he's tended to throw up at least a couple of times every week. Sometimes this isn't right after meals e.g. today he threw up a good 5-6 hours after breakfast though they do have dry ad lib and it looked like it was probably dry from the remains. He drinks well, uses the litter tray fine for both uses, and when he's not feeling anxious he eats little & often.

I'm reluctant to take him to the vet unless absolutely necessary, he took weeks to recover the only time I've taken him & over 6 months later is still panicked by anyone else in the house (NDN had to come in to help me catch him).

Currently I'm of the view that I should just keep an eye on him for any other signs something may be wrong e.g. lethargy, appetite change, poo changes etc, but if I'm also paranoid about my precious first kitties so probably need a bit of reassurance.

Polter Wed 18-Oct-17 08:32:17

PolterCat has done this as long as we've had him, once a week or so he bolts his food down like he's been starved and then throws it up again, barely digested. He's 15 and perfectly healthy.

Allergictoironing Wed 18-Oct-17 11:51:35

Well i think I may have found the reason. They have a number of the Trixie mini mice that are filled with compressed catnip, a sort of hard lump. I found a dis-embowled skin today - nothing unusual in that - but instead of a hard lump of catnip stuff I found a few crumbly bits only. So I reckon he's eaten the contents of the mouse which has made him sick.

Never said he is over-burdened with brains that one!

Polter Wed 18-Oct-17 13:24:02


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