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Potential glaucoma

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kernowgal Mon 20-Mar-17 18:57:04

Hi everyone,

Took my cat to the vet this afternoon as his right eye is cloudy and the pupil wasn't retracting in bright light. Vet thinks it is likely glaucoma so I have an emergency appointment with an eye specialist tomorrow morning. His other eye is currently fine but I am concerned about costs building up (I am not insured because it was very expensive due to his age (16) but have been putting money aside each month just in case).

Does anyone have experience of this? They've advised it will cost £500 if it needs to be removed but I don't think we're quite at that stage yet. He's otherwise in good spirits and eating well.

Any advice or experience would be welcomed.

Trustyourself2 Tue 21-Mar-17 00:11:19

No experience of this condition. If you do a search for vet fees, you can get a rough idea of their charges. I think the price quoted seems comparable, in fact, not bad, really.

Sorry you're going through this. Good luck

kernowgal Tue 21-Mar-17 17:19:10

Thank you - pleasingly, it is relatively good news! Unfortunately as I suspected he's lost the sight in that eye, and there is a bit of glaucoma but the eye specialist wasn't too worried and gave me drops to reduce the pressure in the eye, plus some tablets in case he has toxoplasmosis (this can apparently be a cause, along with FIV, feline leukaemia and something else that escapes me).

Cat was good as gold although he was quite fed up with the long journey (an hour each way as nowhere closer) and so has had lots of fuss since coming home. We go back next week to see if there's any improvement but there wasn't talk of removing the eye just yet - phew. The vet thinks the damage was done before symptoms began to show, if that makes sense, and that actually the pressure may have reduced since. Who knows.

Trustyourself2 Tue 21-Mar-17 20:59:45

That's better news than you expected, thank goodness. It's good to get some positive news. Hope things stay well for you and puss.

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